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Spending Time With Family & Friends…

January 9, 2015

Thursday: This morning I met up with Jeff and Amber. We went out for a 11 mile run in 1:22.23. I felt good (especially after not running yesterday)! I was able to go into my kindergartener’s classroom to help with “centers”.

2015/01/img_6993.jpg Corom was home for the day, so he was able to take over for me at the house while my sister, Missy, and I attended my Aunt’s funeral. It was a very nice service. It was great seeing family but it’s too bad it was under these circumstances. My Aunt was a neat lady! She had health issues and has been dealing with it for a long time.

2015/01/img_7004.jpg I made it back in time to send the distance runners at the HS on their workout run. It was a nice little run with a 2 mile tempo.

2015/01/img_7005.jpg Shortly after we took our girls to the indoor Quarry for rock climbing. We met up with the Fullmer’s. The girls loved it! They were a lot braver than I was climbing up the wall. :/

2015/01/img_7006.jpg They are crazy! The didn’t want to stop!

2015/01/img_7007.jpg Once the girls went to bed, Corom went to his meeting at the church and I went to a friend’s house for ladies night and games…


Friday: I went out for a 9.21 miles in 1:04.19. I started off a little sore and tight but after the 1st couple of miles I was able to get into a good rhythm. Today was a day of cleaning (well I guess, having 4 girls, every day is a day of cleaning). The girls had friends over and then the Barney’s came for dinner. Megan and I took off to play basketball (at the church… They set up a league for the women so we can all play).

2015/01/img_6997.jpg Yep… We lost but it was fun! Back at home, Corom and Travis were organizing all of Hobowear (Corom’s brand of clothing)…

2015/01/img_7008.jpg Megan and I got a little carried away in the pool of balls. 🙂

2015/01/img_7009.jpg Corom and I are watching a movie while I am doing this. 🙂 But now I’m done and I’m ready for bed.

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