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Spending Time With The Grandparents… 

July 3, 2015

Tuesday: No shocker that I started my day off with a run… I ran 10 miles with Mac, Aubrey and Amber in 1:20. I went straight to the HS so I could send the CC kids off on their run…  

 After following them, I came home to my family (parents, brother and sis-in-law) getting to work on my house decorating. 🙂 We worked for a while in the morning, early afternoon while the kids/cousins swam and played.  

 My mom and I made Greek food… I love Greek food and I love making it with my mom!  

 My parents left shortly to go look for homes around here (which I so hope they move here) while I took the girls to the library activity.  

 We had Mary and Siri over for dinner and then watched a movie with the girls… I love having my parents here!!! Corom and his friends went rock climbing this morning before they all went to work. 🙂  


Wednesday: I went out for a 10 mile run this morning and met up with Beth. We ran it in 1:15… Still not feeling the greatest but I’m out running… I went to CC practice and then helped with the speed and agility session with Travis… 

 My mom, my kids and I went shopping together and then to the $1 store. My kids were in heaven there. 🙂  

 My mom is the most patient person I know with kids. I don’t know how she does it all the time but I admire her for it. She had the girls help her cook, crochet, sew, etc… Aunt Lyndsey helped my oldest start a scarf with crocheting… Yep, not something I know how to do! 

 My parents went out again with the house shopping (with my little brother) and I took the girls to the movie and popcorn at the library.  


Thursday: I met up with Amber Green (my friend who just qualified for the Olympic Trials) and went out for a 12 mile run in 1:31. It was so good running with her and hearing her race recap! It was a great run! At home it was decorating, painting, cleaning, etc while my parents were once again house hunting. When they came back my mom helped the girls with a lemonade stand…  

I am so grateful for people that stop!!! The girls had fun doing it. Then my mom took each girl out for a one on one time. I prepared the food for tonight because my brother & his family, sister & her family and my sister’s in laws were coming over for dinner… We had a good time. The Bishopric (Corom included) stopped by our house to hand out root beer floats. 🙂  

Here I have my mom and oldest piecing a blanket together after everyone went home and the other girls went to bed. 🙂  

Friday: My parents had to get on the road early this morning to head to Washington to visit my sister. They will be looking for houses up there, too. It was so great to have them here! It was sad to see them go.  

I went to CC practice and ran my 6 miles with the HS kids (42:23). It was a good run but my legs were tired. The rest of our day consisted of more painting, sanding and cleaning. The girls were a big help today!  

 The kids had their friends over this afternoon for swimming and playing… 

They went to bed Early tonight (by 7). It was awesome! The Fullmers came over and we watched the new poltergeist… Lame! We laughed at least half the movie.  

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  1. Every time you post Greek food I am ready to pack my bags and move! How exciting to have your parents there and potentially moving!

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