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Salem Days Week & My Birthday…

August 9, 2015

Monday: I began my day with a 10 mile run. No faster than a 7:30 pace. I ran it with the high school kids. It was a good run. Corom and I did attend a funeral for a neighbor of ours… It was a special funeral for a great man that has served our country for many years.  It was a wonderful service! 

 Corom left for work shortly after and 2 friends of mine (Stephanie & Camille) came over with Cafe Rio to celebrate an early bday lunch with me. It was nice just hanging out! My oldest did come up from the sewing room (she is so good at seeing) with a needle deep into her foot.  It looked like that hurt!

 For dinner we met up with a couple of families at Parley’s Place. A cute little hamburger place. For Salem Days, they are having a meal deal all week long. 2 hot dogs, fries & a drink for $2.50. Cheap for us because for the 6 of us, all we needed was 3 meal deals. It was a nice family night outing, until we had to leave early because the girls were acting up (pretty bad)… But what do you do. 🙂 


Tuesday: I had a speed workout this morning. 10 miles total with 4 x 2k, 10 sec faster than race pace. I thought it would be easy but it was not! I was tired but I hit my mark. I headed straight to cross country practice to send the HS kids on a speed workout. They had 4-5 x 1ks. They were tired also. 🙂  

 The kids played with cousins all morning and then we headed back to Parley’s Place for the hot dog meal and a little carnival…  

 After that we went to the resivor for the boat regatta. All 4 of my girls are signed up with a cousin to make their boat out of cardboard and duct tape. We were given 2 hours to build these boats.  With Corom, Sarah (Corom’s mom), aunt Mary & I we were able to get these boats ready in time. 

 There were 60 teams total… They put 5 boats in at a time and had them race for time around the resivor…  

 2 out of the 4 boats made it the entire way and the other 2 not so much. As you can see, Corom swam out for one of them and the other (with my youngest) didn’t even make it 2 feet. 🙂  

 That was a lot of fun for the kids! All my girls went to G-goats (grandma Sarah’s) house to spend the night with all the cousins. Corom and I went to the church to judge a cupcake contest.  Nice how everyone knows to call us for food. 🙂 


Wednesday:  I had an easy run of 10 miles… I ran 2 by myself and 8 more with the HS kids. It was a good run. I hung out at Sarah’s house with all the kids/cousins. We made pizza & cinnamon rolls. They played in the tree house area the rest of the time. It was nice. 🙂  

My 2nd daughter came in with all the girls crowded around her and freaking out. She got bit by a snake… A little Gardner snake.  It was a little funny if you ask me. 

That evening we went to the tractor pull and then to the movie in the park (for Salem Days).  

A cute family got a hold of my phone and decided to use it….  


Thursday August 6 – My Birthday: I went on an easy 8 mile run with my birthday friend Amber! 🙂 We share the same bday so we make sure we run together!  

I was able to meet up with Amber, Megan and Corom for lunch and then the girls, cousins, Sarah, aunt Mary and I went to the $1 movies. After we went to McDonalds for icecream cones and to play.  

 We went to dinner at the Barney’s, then to the rodeo… The kids participated in the cash cow contest. A cow had cash taped to it and the kids had to grab the cash off of it.  Poor little cow! 

The girls went back up to Sarah’s house for a sleepover and Corom and I went to the Barneys for cake and ice cream. We did get a phone call from Sarah saying our youngest broke out in hives and she is swelling up. We were going to pick her up but then the swelling started to go down after Benadryl and a salt bath…  

 I ended up going to bed early because I have a speed workout in the morning… 

Friday: I woke up at 4:45 a.m. to meet up with my friend Danny. We ran 8 miles up the bike trail and tempoed 8 miles down. I was dead! I hope that is normal… I was only going race pace for my tempo and towards the end I struggled. Well 9 more weeks of training until my race… At home we were able to clean. The girls hung out at Sarah’s for most the morning. A few of the members of the cross country team came over (as a surprise) and brought me a bday gift. It was so nice. The rest of the day we set up Hobowear at the local fair for our city days (we got a booth), did the kids parade and listened to the music in the park.  A lot of great talent in the community! 


Saturday:  A very enventful day… Started off with a 1 mile and 5k run. Corom and I ran with our 2 younger girls in the mile race. Our 3rd daughter  (6 years old) took 1st in her age group with a time of 8:37 and our youngest (5) took 2nd in her age group with a 10 something.  

10 minutes later, the 5k started. My 2 older girls were running that one. Corom ran with our 2nd daughter (7 years old) and I ran with our oldest (9 years old). They both took 1st in their age groups… It was bitter/sweet for me. Not being able to race but hanging back with my daughter. I loved running with her! I ran my speed workout yesterday just in case but I was still open to racing today. At the very last minute as the gun went off, my oldest asked me to stay with her… So I did. 🙂  I was able to get 12 miles total this morning. 

We enjoyed the free pancake breakfast, the parade, the little HS student body carnival and running our Hobowear booth…  

We stayed pretty busy selling Corom’s Hobowear bamboo shirts and socks. It was a lot busier than what I thought it would be!  We were able to bribe a couple of kids to help us clean up at the end for some free bamboo underwear. 🙂 (bottom right picture)

 I went to the Firefighter’s fundraiser dinner, to the library’s auction and to the cities pageant.  My mother in law (Sarah) gave me her credit card to bid on an item. I will tell you… It was a blast bidding on something when it’s not your money!!! I won the bid and spent way too much but I couldn’t stop. I found out after that I bid on the wrong item, too. :/ We had a good laugh but I did feel bad. It’s for the library, right. 😉 

 The girls stayed at home with Corom and hung out with their cousins… They soon said goodbye. They are leaving the the morning to head back to California.  

I left the pageant/firework show early… 1st off, I was by myself 🙂 and 2nd, the Fullmers came down to watch a movie with us. Late night! 

Sunday: I have no pictures today because my phone ran out of memory. 🙂 We went to church, Corom had his usual Sunday meetings, I went on a few visits as a RS presidency and then we went to our neighbors for dinner. It was a nice Sunday today… Well the girls did get into trouble a few times but that is normal. 🙂  

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  1. Happy birthday! Guess what?! You and our NEW daughter have the same birthday! It was also my parent’s 38th wedding anniversary. Let me just say I had NO idea that gardner snakes could bite. I hate, hate, hate them already but I think you made it worse. Last summer they kept coming in our lake house. You should have seen the set up Rock had with his hockey sticks to “take care of the problem.” And that boat regatta looks like a blast!

    • She was born on my birthday!!!! That is awesome. She was 3 weeks early then, right? All my girls were 3 – 3 1/2 weeks early. What is her name? How are you feeling? Are you guys getting any sleep? 🙂 I am so excited for you 2!

      • Mary Katherine Dudek. 3.5 weeks early. I’m feeling pretty good considering and we are sort of figuring this no sleep thing out. We are doing ok. I actually have been meaning to e-mail you because I think you mentioned you arrive in Chicago the Wed before the marathon. Would you and Corom want to come over for some Chicago style pizza (or whatever sounds good prerace) the Thursday before the race? We would love to do a meet up if we can.

      • Corom just said they changed our flights on us (whatever that means) and we won’t get in until late Thursday night. We could do Friday night for pizza if that works for you guys! I can always eat pizza! The whole sleep thing is hard but you will get used to it… 🙂

      • Yes! Let’s plan on Friday then. My parents will be in town and we can have a little pizza “party.” Yay!

      • That’s perfect! If it’s easier we could do Sunday night but friday works!

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