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A Lot To Catch Up On… 

August 25, 2015

Monday: I went out for a 8 mile easy run. I needed this run because my legs were shot from Ragnar!!! This run didn’t feel very good but I didn’t expect it too. Later today I took the girls school shopping. They had quite the fun time. :/ I hate to say it but this is the 1st time I took my girls shopping. 

  For CC practice the kids had a tough speed workout! They were tired and so done when they did their last downhill mile.  

 We had family night and then Corom set up a little system with pipes and fences to let all the water out of the pool… It was quite the process, but it worked. 


Tuesday: I had a speed workout today. It was lousy! I did my warmup and then began the 1k’s. After the 3rd one, I was so tired! I took a little bit longer of a break (longer than my 200 meter jog). I decided to do the next 4 on the road. It was physically just as hard but not as mentally tough (as it is running around the track). I wasn’t hitting my mark (a few seconds off)… But I did do the last one on the track. Then a couple of miles as a cool down. It’s workouts like this that make me question what I am doing. 😦 But it is what it is and of course there was many stuff to do the rest of the day. I had to run to the school for PTO stuff and for the Open House. The girls got to meet their teachers and I got to fill out a bunch of papers…  

 For cross country practice, the kids went on a recovery run of 7-8 miles. Corom called from work saying he would take care of dinner tonight. I thought, right on! He brought home corn tortillas & meat to make street tacos. Love street tacos! Well… He brought home cow eyeballs!!! :/ Sad to say that I didn’t try any of the meat but all my girls did… Everyone of them spit it out! Corom ate all of it while I cooked up chicken to throw into our tacos.  

 Corom then gave the girls a Father’s blessing before they started school (tomorrow). Such a beautiful thing!  


Wednesday: My coach changed a few things for me this week… I decided to sue the half ironman relay race this Saturday, so he changed things to help me recover enough before the 1/2 marathon. I ran a 10 mile easy run. I felt better than yesterday but still not feeling the best. But I know it will click. I did get back in time for the girls to be waking up for their 1st day of school. The 3 older girls were so excited! My youngest not so much! She doesn’t start kindergarten until next week… She is so ready to start school! But we drove all the kids (and neighbor kids) to school. Of course when we took the 1st pic of the girls, a dog ran right into the pic. 🙂 (Then Corom let the dog into the school just to be funny!)  

I had a hard time leaving the girls but eventually left to go home… Corom was already late for work. We had to walk them each to their classrooms (of course). 

The rest of the day was just my youngest and I… I got so much done today!!! And my youngest helped… That was a shocker! That never happens. 🙂 But it was a good day… The girls loved their 1st day of school. They came home so happy. We did have an easy day for CC and in the evening, I had a RS meeting. Corom worked late so we had the meeting at my house. 

Thursday: I had another easy day today with running. I ran 10 miles easy… It didn’t feel so easy but that’s how it’s been lately. :/ It was a pretty low key day… I had 2 neighbor girls over and it so happened to be their birthdays. We celebrated with a mini party and cookies. 🙂  

 I had our first cross country meet today (it was actually at night). It was pre-region. Our team (males and females) did really well.  

 We did come across a double win of both the girls and boys but that doesn’t mean anything! It is so early in the season to tell anything, but they did race/run well. 🙂 Always fun to watch.  

 There were only 2 races, so we got home pretty quick! Very nice. 

Friday: I had a easy 6 mile run! It was nice not having to get up way early. With Corom having the day off, we were able to walk to school (with the neighbor kids and the dogs). It was very nice!  

 I went to my neighbors house to help with RS/church stuff and then Corom and I took our youngest (and a few neighbor kids) to McDonalds. A few other moms came with their kids… It was really nice! Why have I not gone to McDonald’s more often! 🙂  

 For cc practice, we had our team picture and then the kids ran to the pool for a fun day.  

 I went home while the kids swam to help Corom get the girls ready to go for a over night camping trip (with Jason and his kids & Ben and his kids). I have a race in the morning so I am staying home. 😦  They had a fun night and caught a lot of crawdads (for our dinner tomorrow night at the Clarion). 

 I went to the football game with my friend Megan (her husband is one of the coaches)… It was fun hanging out with her and half the community! 🙂  

 I went to bed early to get a good night sleep… 

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  1. I love reading your posts. You inspire me to be a fun and relaxed mom. I tend to get so tense and you remind me that this is the time to be happy and enjoy. But eyeballs?! Gross! I don’t blame you for not eating those. I hope your half goes well. You are really killing it with your running. I can’t believe the girls are back to school already. I don’t want summer to go!

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