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2nd Daughter’s Birthday, Labor Day, Training, & More

September 15, 2015

Sunday (Sept 6th): Today is my 2nd child’s 8th birthday!! She woke up way early and the rest of the day was a party! She opened a few presents before church (and received her own set of scriptures from grandma & grandpa). She was so excited.  

 After church, our good friends Mary & Siri came over to make homemade donuts for her bday. They are the coolest and my kids just love when they come over!  

We headed up to my sister, Missy’s house for dinner and cake. My brother and his family and my Aunt Georgia were able to make it. We had a fun time.  The cousins love these get togethers…

WWe came home and had more treats with G-goat and Gary. She had a fun day full of junk food. 😁

Monday: Today there was no school because of Labor Day. We had a fun packed day planned. I normally do a 10k race but the coach just wanted me to do an easy 10 miler. So I got up early and went out for my run. I came home to lots of fighting and yelling. My 3rd daughter was the only one ready and doing her chores, so Corom stayed home with the other 3 while I took our 3rd daughter to the parade. We had fun while the other 3 were crying and grudgingly doing their chores.  

 We came home and soon after left to go to Rachelle’s place for a potluck lunch and swimming. 

 We took the girls (and dogs) and the Barney family to the Grotto for a short, nice hike. There were so many people on this same trail!!! But it was a lot of fun.  

 We came home to finish off the last remaining chores… Everyone pitched in but of course, my youngest…  

 We did finish off our day with a BBQ with a few other families…  

Tuesday: I went out for a nice, easy 10 mile run (a no faster than 7:30 pace). I love workouts like these ones! The rest of my day was the same. PTO stuff in the morning and hanging out with my youngest in the afternoon… She drives me crazy but she also so dang cute!!! 

 We had a Cross Country meet (which my girls came with) in our neighboring town. The CC kids did REALLY well! It was a fun meet to watch and my girls loved cheering and playing on the play ground.  

Wednesday: I went out and ran a speed workout. It was 10 miles total with 5 x 1 miles with a recovery between each one. My 1st mile was a 6:01, 2nd was a 5:59, 3rd was a 5:51, 4th was a 5:50 and last one was a 4:43 but .6 was a good downhill. It was a tough workout but that is one more workout out of the way… I went in to my 2nd daughter’s class (2nd grade) to help out (she was spotlighted today). She is so amazing and I just love her (all my girls) so much!  

 Of course I had to peak in on all my girls in their classrooms… My 3rd was being blindfolded and having a great time. It was a busy afternoon for the girls and I! We had CC practice…  

 Then the guys on my CC team that are on the soccer team, stayed after CC to help coach my girls’ soccer teams. I am the coach for all 4 of my girls… Thank goodness that at least 2 of my daughters (the 2 middle ones) are on the same team. So 3 teams and 32 kids total. 6 CC/soccer HS guys stuck around and took over the practice. 🙂 Such good kids!!! Can’t say enough good things about them.  

 The girls went straight to piano (my 3rd child just started)… After dinner and homework I went on RS visits. Corom had to work late so a couple of neighbor girls came over and hung out. Busy day…. I went to bed early! 

Thursday: I went on a good 15 mile hilly run. I felt great and was able to hold onto a 7:15-7:20 pace. But it felt good. I had PTO stuff and then went on RS visits… The girls played around for awhile….  

We had CC practice and then the girls (my 2nd and 3rd daughter’s) played their 1st soccer game.  

 Always fun to watch. 

Friday: I had an easy run which consisted of 6 miles. Loved it!!! I’m pacing the Big Cottonwood marathon tomorrow for the men’s qualifying 3:05 Boston time. I’m a little nervous… We walked the girls and neighbors to school…  

 Corom has the day off, so we cleaned and organized. I had a few meetings at the school (PTO stuff) and then we met the elementary kids out on the playground during recess for jump roping. Corom came down with music and it was a big hit.  

 After school, Corom, the girls and I headed to Salt Lake for a family reunion get together. We met at Wheeler Farm. It was a nice night.  

 Corom and the girls dropped me off at a hotel. I was meeting up with Tricia, Aubrey, Rachelle, Amber, and Beth. We are all pacing the marathon tomorrow (different times), but had a fun time hanging out. We weren’t able to hang out too long due to all of us having to get up so dang early… But we still had a great time. 

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  1. Happy birthday little one. We almost share the same birthday, mine is the 4th. And I think you and Mary share a birthday? Are you enjoying working with a coach? I bet it is nice to feel like you have some extra guidance.

    • Mary and I do share a bday and happy birthday to you!! I feel bad because I have not been able to respond to your posts… My account was doing some funny stuff and it has been very frustrating but it is fixed now. I hope. I LOVE having a coach. It takes all the pressure off of me and I never question a workout now. I just do what I’m told. I’ve been working with him for 3 months now.

      • Don’t ever feel bad about that. I have been so busy lately I have been neglecting reading posts. It happens. So glad you are enjoying the coaching. I think it is so nice to have someone to rely on and give a different perspective. It helps me a ton too.

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