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A Week Of Craziness With No Running! 

December 15, 2015

It was a busy week. It was great being able to take the week off of running but at the same time not so great. I did enjoy not having to get up and not having to run in the freezing cold. I needed a break mentally and physically… But I’m also struggling on what to do next. I want to find another race to train for and keep working on bettering my time. I’ve had mixed emotions about the Olympic trials qualifying time changing. It was 2:42.59 and earlier this week they changed it to 2:45. Why now and not sooner…. Yes either way I didn’t make it but if one can go into a marathon race and be able to start off at a slower pace (5 to 7 seconds slower than the 2:42 time) it would make a big difference towards the end. For me running at a 6:12 pace until I can’t go any farther always seems to happen around the 22-23 mile mark (Where I crash). And knowing that I could run at a 6:17 pace seems a lot easier. Anyway… My little venting right there. I just wish the Olympic committee (across the world) would have changed this earlier and not 2 months before the trials. It is a frustration among many of us but it is what it is… Now what? 🙂 I will find other races to train for and enjoy my time doing it. Who knows… Maybe I will get the itch to try again in 2-4 years for the next trials when I am 40. :/ 

Monday Dec 7th: My youngest woke up this morning and asked if dad and I were ever going to break up. I looked at her and said, No and  I don’t plan on it. She then said well, if you ever do I want to live with dad. :/ 1st off where does she even hear/know this stuff. She is only 5 and 2nd, fine, whatever! 😂 Corom and I laughed about it… She is a little spitfire. (The other day, I was combing her hair and she turned to me and said, mom, when I turn ten you will be dead. 😁 What do you say to that?) Anyway… I took the girls and all the kids I drive, to school. I stayed for our PTO meeting and then we set up for the Book Fair.  

 I work with amazing ladies. It is always fun to have events/activities just so I’m able to work side by side with them. The kids all had friends over (CC is officially over so no more practices after school).  

 We had family night and our Christmas activity was watching “No Ordinary Shepard”. 

 And then I went to my soccer game.  We lost again big time but still had a blast.  

 My sister took pictures of the girls last night with their Christmas activities…  


Tuesday Dec 8th: I was at the elementary school for a good amount of time today for PTO (book fair preview stuff)… Then the girls did the usual with playing with neighbors and getting everything out of the correct spot and putting it everywhere around the house (and outside).  

 Corom and I went to his monster work party (it was for all the Utah county employees)… We got picked to go up on stage to see how well we know each other. Out of the 10 couples we took 2nd. We had to answer a question on how our spouse would answer… I just had to think on the more perveted side. :/ The food was yummy!!  

 Corom dropped me off at the movies. I met Stephanie, Camille and Suvi there. We saw the last of the Mocking Jay movies… Fun times. 

Wednesday Dec 9th: Corom and I went with the girls to “parents and pastries (donuts)” at the school. I stayed to help with the donuts and then with the book fair. I was able to eat lunch with the girls, which is always fun.  I want to take advantage of this time while my girls still like me and want me around. 

 The girls had piano lessons and then I drove them around the pond to look at the lights the city put up. We came back and made hot chocolate. It was our Christmas activity for the night. Corom had to work late tonight. The girls and I had fun but it would have been more fun with him there…  

Thursday Dec 10th: More PTO/Book fair stuff in the morning… As you can see my youngest cried; she cried the entire morning of me working at the book fair (until school started) because she wanted me to buy her a book. Holy crap, she was hard this morning! No, I didn’t give in but I really, really wanted to! 

 I signed up in each girls classroom to read a Christmas book and to do a craft… That was fun! I did help in my kindergarten’s classroom and then after lunch substituted in my 2nd daughter’s class. Her teacher had an appointment so I just stepped in for the 2nd half. Teachers are amazing! It’s a tough job. 

 For our Christmas activity, the girls wrote a letter to the little girl living in New York. She was burned in a house fire and lost her family. All she wanted this Christmas was letters from around the world. It breaks my heart what trials people go through… It puts me in check. What an amazing little girl.  (I’m unable to upload her picture.) 

I shortly left to go work at the Clarion Event Center. She had 4 events tonight. :/ 2 that were catered out and the other 2 were at the building, at the same time; just in different rooms. It was busy but I really enjoyed it. Oh and once again… The food was amazing! 


Friday Dec 11: I’m enjoying the time off of running but I’m also kind of missing it already. Today was the last day of the book fair. Helped with that this morning and then went straight into the school carnival. All the kids had a great time!  

   I came home and hurried and cleaned house. We had couples bunko tonight at my house. It was so much fun. Pizza, games and then a white elephant gift exchange. There were times I had tears coming down, I was laughing so hard.  
Saturday Dec 12th: It was strange not getting up and going out for a run. But I did take advantage of the morning. Corom and I took the girls to the $1 store to go do their Christmas shopping for each other. Corom stayed in the car and one by one the girls came into the store with me and picked stuff out for their sisters. They had fun shopping for each other. I gave them each $4 so they could pay for it. My youngest did have a melt down because she wanted me to buy her stuff that she wanted. She eventually made it back to the car and seemed to forget about her little tantrum. :/ Sometimes it is so hard to do these things with the girls. I guess the girls were fighting and out of control in the car.. Corom said there was lots of yelling going on. Good times! 

 My car was dead… Corom had to jump it (we drove depressed because he had to go to a few other places). Thank goodness he brought the other (monster) van. The girls did their chores and then made messes again, but that is very normal!  

 I worked again at the Clarion tonight. I didn’t get home until late… Corom went with some friends to watch the fights at Mike’s house. A babysitter came to hang out with the girls. I ate so many cinnamon rolls and drank so much hot chocolate. It was so good! 

Sunday Dec 13th: Today we went to church. It was a good day today. The girls were good.  They are so dang cute! 

 We had a family over for dinner and another family joined us for dessert after… We had left over cinnamon rolls, brownies and hot chocolate, oh and ice cream!  


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  1. That is such a bummer with the change in qualifying times! One thing I love about running is that there are races everywhere. I love researching and when we go on vacation we see if there is one near us. I laughed out loud at your daughter’s question about breaking up and request to live with Corom. I can already tell that Mary has picked Rock as her favorite. We get all of the dirty work!

    • We do the same with races! We are always looking and that a lot of the times determines if we will go there or not. Yes we do get all the dirty work but you will see when Mary gets older… They say the funniest things! I love it!

      • I told my mother-in-law about the break up question and response. She laughed so hard.

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