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Christmas Vacation! 

December 27, 2015

Monday Dec 21st: Monday began very early for us. We were just about to drive over Donner’s Pass in Truckee at around 1 a.m. That’s where Corom and I traded off (I drove from Utah to Reno which took about 9 hours with all the snow and weather). At that point in Truckee, we had to put chains on the van. So at 1 a.m. Corom went out and put chains on. I got to stay inside to dive the van back and forth over the chains. The kids slept through this whole process… By 2:30, we were back on the road… Yes, that is how long it took “us” to actually put the chains on.  

 We had to laugh about this because the roads were not even bad! I think driving in Utah for so long has helped us with learning how to drive in the snow. We drove for about 2 miles and were told we could take our chains off. 😁 It was just over the summit and then we were done. By the time we were down the pass it was about 4:30 a.m. We parked the van in some parking lot and sacked out until about 7. We went out for pastries. My 2nd child was having a really rough morning. That always makes these outings fun! 😐 The chocolate croissants were amazing!  

 We soon ended up at Jarom & Christina’s house (Corom’s brother). The girls were so excited to play with their cousins!  

 They had a great time! 

 While they were playing, Corom and I were helping our sister in laws parents clean out their barn. We actually had so much fun doing it and her parents are way cool.  

 Corom did take our nephew, his cousins and our 2nd daughter out to the field. The kids wanted to make a movie so Corom was more than happy to help. 😁  

 We had to take off in the early evening to make our way to my parent’s house. With the rain, it took us about 3 hours to get there. My kids were so excited to see their grandma and grandpa!  

 We were all pretty tired, so after calming the girls down we eventually all went to bed. 

Tuesday Dec 22nd: I went out for a late 40 minute morning run after a nice breakfast from my mom. Oh it is great to be here for the Holidays. We kept busy all day with crafts…  

 Playing Barbies and last minute shopping (well more like goofing off for Corom and I)…

 And a great time at Chuckee Cheese. Grandma and grandpa surprised the girls… They loved it!  

 We had fun with the sketch machine. It only cost a token. 🙂 
 We did have some down time but not much… The girls kept us busy. They love all the attention they get from grandma and grandpa. It’s my parents fault… They are so good to the kids! 

Wednesday Dec 23rd: I did go out for a 51 min run. The 1st 6 of my run was with my youngest. She really wanted to go with me this morning, so I took her around the block (a 6 min loop).  She did well. 

The weather is so great here. I love it! Today consisted of more crafts…  

My girls are loving all these crafts. We were able to get tickets from my mom’s friend to go to the Aquarium in Monterey Bay. The girls loved it… But they stressed me and my parents out by running to and from each aquarium tank in the crowded place. Corom wasn’t feeling all that well so he spent most his time in the restroom. 😑  

   We showed the girls The Christmas Story movie for the 1st time… They were laughing in so many parts.  I forgot how funny it was. Corom is obviously feeling better. 😉  
Thursday Dec 24th Christmas Eve: I went out for a 40 min easy run. It felt nice. I was able to run on the golf course near my parent’s house. It was raining very lightly… It kept the golfers away. I came home to my mom teaching the girls how to make homemade lemonade.  My mom is so good with the girls. They can be a handful but she knows how to direct their energy into a positive thing… 

  We did the traditional ginger bread houses…  

 And then while the girls (and Corom and my dad) watched Swiss Family Ribonsen (which the girls loved), my mom and I made our traditional Greek food. I love Greek food and I loved it more working side by side with my mom.  

 The girls worked on another craft and puzzles along side with their grandpa (grandpa helped with every activity… I think he enjoyed it more than the girls at times). 

 The girls helped with the Christmas Eve dinner with cooking and setting the table.  

 Then the Sister missionaries (female missionaries) came for our Greek Christmas Eve dinner. It was very nice and the food was excellent!! The girls acted up a bit but nothing out of the norm. 😉  They are so excited for tonight. 

 The girls opened up a Christmas Eve present from my parents…  

  Pajamas have been a tradition for me growing up. So being at my parents… They got their pj’s. We set up the cookies and milk and of course the girls set up a “trap” for Santa. 

 After the girls fell asleep… We noticed Santa came while the adults were watching a movie (and he wasn’t caught). 😉 The girls had the piece of rope going into their bedroom. It was the funniest thing.  

 Santa left a note for the girls; now I can’t wait until the morning! They will be so excited! It was a late night for us and the morning is going to come quickly! 

Friday Dec 25th Christmas: I love Christmas morning! It came early, though. We had a very nice time.  Lots of excitement and happy screams going on (mainly from Corom). 😋 
  I don’t know who left the gifts on our doorstep but whoever did it, knows our kids pretty well! Words can not express the gratitude I have felt for all our many blessings! There are so manygreat things and so many 

great people. Thank you for whoever had done this. 

My 1st daughter…
 My 2nd daughter…

 My 3rd daughter…  

 My 4th daughter…   As mentioned earlier… It was a great morning. We had cinnamon rolls and hot apple cider for breakfast. The girls played, got ready, did more crafts, played checkers, etc…  

WWe walked to the park and played “softball” for a little while…. My mom was actually a pretty good hitter! My brother Ben and his wife, Jenn, arrived this afternoon with their 2 boys. I am so glad they were able to make it over. We have not seen them for a while. My girls were way excited to hang out with their cousins.  We exchanged gifts and then ate dinner. 

 We taught the kids well… It was a nice shoulder rub. 🙂 My brother showed the girls some magic tricks and then we made a cake and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. 😉 Just a little tradition we do every Christmas. Such a fun night! 

My 3rd child lost her tooth tonight. She left a plate with $1 on it. She told the Toothfairy to keep the dollar. Too cute!  

 The adults watched a movie and then went to bed. 

It has been a wonderful  full day/week. We are so blessed! I love my savior and for all He has done for us. Merry Christmas to everyone!! 

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  1. This post makes me so excited for when Mary is a bit older. How fun! I love the matching PJ’s. We didn’t watch the Christmas Story this year, but it is one of my all time favorites. Years ago we got Rock’s sister a giant leg lamp for her new house. She lives in a very nice neighborhood and it is hilarious to drive by and see it in their window. I wish I could reach through the computer and eat that Greek food. What an awesome tradition. I love any Mediterranean food. It is our new obsession. Merry Christmas!

    • Sorry it has taken me forever to respond back… With Christmas vacation it has been crazy here. You will love it when Mary gets older. Christmas is so much fun with kids! This was the 1st time my kids have seen the Christmas story and they could not stop laughing. That is hilarious that you got Rick’s sister a leg lamp!! When you come visit I will make you guys Greek food!!!

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