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December Fun To Summer In A Nutshell

May 20, 2017

I love the month of December! Starting Dec 1st, the girls open up a little door on a Christmas Tree and pull out an activity that we will do that evening. It has been a fun tradition that we started when our girls were very young. (I did it when I was younger.)

Dec 1: Make the Christmas countdown rings and Christmas Tree

Dec 2: Make Ornaments

Dec 3: Christmas Movie night

Dec 4: Write letters to Santa

Dec 5: Paint Snowman blocks

Dec 6: Drive around Salem Pond lights and have Hot Chocolate

Dec 7: Make Gingerbread Houses

Dec 8: Go through Stuffed Animals and Donate them

Dec 9: Go to the Old Folk’s Center and sing

Dec 10: Christmas with Cooper fundraiser & Ward Christmas party

Dec 11: Make Military packages/letters

Dec 12: Make Ornament Hot Chocolate

Dec 13: Decorate Christmas Cookies

Dec 14: Deliver Treats to neighbors

Dec 15: Make a service coupon book for neighbors

Dec 16: Christmas Crafts

Dec 17: Build a Snow cave

Dec 18: Write a Thank you note to Mail Lady and the Garbage Man

Dec 19: Read Christmas Stories and Drink Hot Chocolate

Dec 20: Leave letters to the mail lady and garbage man; Candy Cane drop a parking lot

Dec 21: Christmas Crafts

Dec 22: Go to the Police Station and Deliver Christmas Tree Gift

Dec 23: Sledding (Four-Wheeler)

Dec 24: Christmas Eve Greek Dinner & Pass Around

Dec 25: Christmas!! And a Christmas Gift To Our Savior!

Dec 26: Ice Skating

Dec 27: Yolanda’s Wedding (Corom’s Sister)

Dec 28: Major Cleaning Day!

Dec 29: Cross Country Skiing

Dec 30: Friend’s Day/Sledding

Dec 31: Polar Plunge & New Year’s Eve Party with Friends…

There were lots of classroom parties and fun…

Bring on the New Year!!

My running: 

I still have not been into the racing scene, yet. I do want to start training once summer comes around and depending on how I feel… try for the Olympic Trials again. But for now… it’s been nice just to go and run. 

I paced the Provo Half marathon for the 1:35 time and came in at 1:34.54. It was so fun bringing people in at their goal time. And I paced the Tulip Festival Half for the 1:40 time. I came in at 1:39.38. It was a tough course but I love pacing.

January On…

We had a pipe burst. It froze with the freezing cold temperatures… good thing Corom was sitting on the toilet at the time it burst. He jumped up, ran downstairs and shut our water off. We had to go without water for about 24 hours. He found the place where it burst and he and Mike fixed it. Then later our basement flooded due to rain and construction issues. 😉 

We had 3 people in our neighborhood pass away (all due to health issues), our girls’ science project rats got out of their cage (and luckily we did find them)… But other than that, things are rolling along nicely. 🙂 Lots of subbing jobs (in my kids classes), volunteering in classrooms, church stuff, Clarion work, my girl’s basketball games, and in-door track.

February & March was just as busy… subbing, Clarion work, kids stuff,, church, track (Simplot Games in Idaho), Valentines, etc. 

April: My youngest turned 7 this month! She had a great birthday and we actually celebrated it a month later with all the kids in 1st grade. 

Easter was great and we have a soccer coach from England that came to live with us for a couple of months. (He came on Easter Sunday.) 

My oldest had her maturation program. :/ I can’t believe she is old enough for that. Crazy hair day for the girls at school… Lots of subbing jobs, clarion work, lots of little trips now that we have Jamie (from England) staying with us, track meets and practices (with youth city track and high school), etc. 

May: My oldest had her 11th birthday this month. Corom and my anniversary is on the same day as our oldest’s birthday.

Region and State track took place this month. Our top female runner placed 1st in State for the 2 mile (10:52). Our throwers took 1st and 2nd in the shot put and discus. The girls placed 1st in region and everyone did so well this season. 

Mother’s Day was nice… and Lots of fun activities with Jamie and the girls. (I will post a new post with pictures of our time with Jamie.) And of course… work, play, church, programs, etc.  The girls ran well in the city youth track. They don’t like running to much but they are really good at it. I hope, in time, they will learn to love it!! 

There are so many random pictures but too many to share… 

 Sorry for the picture overload! 



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