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Our Long Trip

June 5, 2017

Sunday June 4th:     After church today, we said our goodbyes to Jamie and headed out for our hopefully 3 week trip! We will see what our sprinter van will do. We plan on visiting as many popular destinations as we can in the 3 weeks we have. 

Our 1st few stops: Fort Bridger, Wyoming; Martin’s Cove, Wyoming; and early Monday morning we arrived in South Dakota. 

Monday June 5th:

Mt. Rushmore!! We parked our van in the parking lot there and cooked up oatmeal (and got ready for the day 😳) before we went in. It was so fun to go into the park. We spent a few hours there. Yes that is me in the above picture giving the girls a lecture about respect (and then explaining the history of Mt. Rushmore). I wasn’t being that mean… Corom told the girls to look like they were in trouble. πŸ™„

I was able to get a 2 hour bike ride in! While Corom was driving I hopped on the spin bike and rode while the girls watched a movie. I loved it. 

We made sandwiches and then headed out for our next destination. We did make a stop at Wall Drug Store (I guess it’s a pretty big thing here in South Dakota). 

We drove some more, then stopped off at a park in Sioux, South Dakota. It was nice for the girls to get out and run around. I was able to go for a 3 mile run, which felt nice. Corom made dinner (cup-o-noodles πŸ˜‰) while the girls and I cleaned ourselves up. 

We made it to Minnesota! And drove well into the night… 

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