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Summer of Traveling and Marathon Training!

July 23, 2019

May 25th- June 19th: Costa Rica (already blogged about it)

June 26th- June 29th: girls camp (Lava Hot Springs) for me and my 2 older daughters.

June 27th- June 29th: Las Vegas for Corom and my 2 younger daughters for Aunt Sandra’s funeral.

4th of July week

July 14th- July 19th: kayaking trip in San Juan islands in Washington

July 19th- July 20th: Cross Country Camp

July 21st- July 27th: Mexico trip to the orphanage (on our way right now)!

July 28th- August 4th: 8 people from Croatia are coming to stay with us for Springville Folkfest… (will write about this after it happens 😂).

June 26th- 29th:

We were home for a week (from Costa Rica), then went to girls camp (me and my 2 older daughters): We went to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho. It was so fun. We went swimming, tubing down the river, crafts, played games, etc. The girls got along so well and we had a great, spiritual experience.

I started my training this week for Chicago marathon. It was a little difficult trying to get my runs/double runs in, but I did it.

June 27th- 29th

Corom and my 2 younger daughters went to Las Vegas for our aunt Sandra’s funeral. She had a stroke when we were in Costa Rica. Our cousin, Dan was the one who rushed his mom to the hospital while she was having her stroke. She told him she was really scared. He told her, “Mom, when you go in for surgery, you will either wake up to seeing my face or dads.” She felt at peace with that realization. ❤️ Corom said it was a very nice service. They did get to hang out with cousins for a while as well.

July 14- 19th

A week later, Corom and I headed to the San Juan islands in Washington. The girls went to my sisters for the 1st 3 days, then went with Corom’s sister for the next 3 days. We went on a kayaking trip with friends for a week. We left Sunday evening (later after church) and drove all night. I actually slept the entire time so I could be rested for my 8 mile run in the morning. I told Corom I would go on this trip if I could for sure get my running in. I ran in Oregon Monday morning while Jeff, Mike and Corom went shopping for food.

We arrived in Anacortes, Washington late afternoon. We caught the 4:00 ferry to head to Friday Harbor. The guys really entertained themselves (and others on the hour+ Ferry).

They played wall ball for most of the time… they just had to make sure the ball didn’t go into the water.

We met up with the rest of the group on Friday Harbor. We all stayed at a hostile (because there was enough of us, we got our own place). I went out for my evening easy run once there. It was awesome. The next morning I got up at 5 a.m. and headed out for a speed workout (20 min warmup; 20 min tempo- 3.3 miles in 20; 5 min recovery; 10 x 2 min on/off; 20 min recovery). The workout went well and I was excited to head on out across the ocean to our different islands.

(I don’t know why this is in bold writing but oh well):

Sea Quest Kayak of San Juan Islands
Guide: Casey Greufe (he was 24 and fit right in with our “older” group… Corom and I were the youngest in our group)

Friends that went: Sarah (my mother in law)/Gary, Karen/Steve Boothe, Holly/Jared Adams (Gary’s daughter), Debbie/Vic Lewis, Mike Fullmer/Jeff Chase, and Corom/me

Day 1 (July 16th Tuesday):
Launch: Jackson Beach, Friday Harbor
Stop 1: Turn Island Park; we saw a herd of porpoises 🐬 in the distance. Beautiful animals. We also came upon many seal lions throughout our trip.

Stop 2: Shaw Island Reserve (rope swing; we had lunch on this beach/island.. Corom and mike found a rope swing and had fun with it).

Stop 3: Jones Island – camped the night – I went out for a 51-52 min run on this island… it was beautiful!! I loved it. Lots of raccoons that roamed our camp after we all went to bed.

Day 2 (July 17th Wednesday)
We had to be in the water by 7 a.m. We quickly packed up and began our paddling by that time. It was cold, rainy and windy today. Kayaking was a little tougher but still fun.

Stop 1: Posey Island – Waited for current to die down before crossing channel towards Spieden Island. We had a whale sighting-we saw 3 humpback 🐋 whales about 200 yards away from us… it was so amazing. We Paddled the shoreline before crossing Danger Shoal Bay to Stuart Island.

Stop 2: Camped the night on Stuart Island. I got a 1:22 min run in. I came upon a school, lighthouse and cemetery. I love running in places that we travel to. There are so many things I see that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t run. It was a great run.

Day 3 (July 18th Thursday)
We had to leave at 5 a.m. to catch the tides just right and to avoid the wind that was predicted for that day. The ocean was like glass all morning! We were able to cruise! We Crossed Bay towards McCracken Point (house w/ totem pole), paddled Henry Island shoreline to Open Bay.

Stop 1: We had a brunch/snack on Driftwood Beach. We had a raccoon come right up to Jeff as we were all pulling out in our kayaks. It’s crazy how they are adapted to come out in the day and just roam.

Crossed Smallpox Bay towards final destination San Juan County Park. We kayaked a total of 40 miles these past few days. It was great and quit the experience. We cleaned up, caught the Ferry back to Anacortes by early afternoon on Thursday. I went on my run right off the Ferry. Corom, Jeff and Mike went to lunch. Anacortes was a cute town to run in. I really enjoyed it.

We headed out after lunch and drove through the night once again. We arrived home Friday morning at about 9 a.m. We were so tired but I headed out for my run anyway, once we hugged the kids and unpacked (I got 8 miles in). I didn’t have time to rest because I scheduled our cross country camp for the high school runners this weekend as well. I had no other time to do it. 😬

This was our agenda:

July 19th Friday:

5 pm: meet at hs Track and go for short 30 min run

6: dinner at Coach Hughes’s House

7: Payson canyon- captains introduce the theme; games, skits & smores.

9-9:30ish: go home

July 20th Saturday:

7-8:15 am: meet at SF sports park by the tennis courts at 7. Go for a run, stretches and core.

8:15-8:45: breakfast

8:45-9:30: goal setting with Coach Hughes (and corom)

9:30-11: games and team building at sf park

11-11:30: clinic/speaker (Thompson on the mental and drive)

11:30-12:30: lunch

12:30-4: swimming at the reservoir

4-4:25: 20-25 min shakeout run

4:30-6:00: go home to shower

6:00-7:00: meet back up (Coach Minson’s House) for pizza dinner.

7:00-7:30: clinic on nutrition from Coach Lange and coach Weights 2 cents

7:30-8:30: games (volleyball, pickle ball, etc) 9-?: movie at Coach Hughes’s House)

I did get up at 5 a.m. so I could get my run in. I was so tired but the run went well. I had a 20 min warmup; 60 min at marathon effort; 20 min cool down. I ran 15 miles in 1:42:31. My 60 mins started at a 6:49 pace and worked my way down to a 6:10 pace. I felt good as the run went on, but I was tired throughout the day of our cross country camp. The kids had a blast (we have been having practices every morning since the 2nd week in June). I’m just glad there are 4 of us coaches!! We have good kids! And I enjoy coaching even more so because my own kids love being around the HS kids.

Sunday July 21st: We went to church at 9 and then headed out for Mexico. Corom, the girls and I are meeting up with Corom’s sister (and a few others) to work in an orphanage for the next week. We hopped in our old sprinter van and began the drive to San Diego to stay with our friends (the Southwell’s) for a couple of nights.

I forgot to post a few past events!

Birthday: My youngest turned 9 in April. I can’t believe my youngest is 9! I now have a 9, 10, 11 & 12 year old. Crazy but so fun. She is so fun and so spunky. Always on the go and entertaining everyone. She invited all the girls in 3rd grade over (and Lucas from Costa Rica was with us as well… and Gianluca our Foriegn exchange student).

Birthday: My oldest turned 13 in May. I now have a teenager. I am beginning to feel old! She is becoming a beautiful young lady and I just love the relationship we have.

Easter: Shared Easter with Gianluca… Zecheng went to another family because him and Gianluca almost got into a physical fight. 😂 I don’t mean to make light of the situation but it really was funny how the fight went down and for the reason that made them blow. Short story of it… Gianluca locked himself in the bathroom for over 2 hours so Zecheng couldn’t use it, he took all the hot water and things just escalated. Anyway… so Easter was just with Gianluca.

Easter egg hunts, which you are never too old, Easter baskets and fun family hangout times.

4th of July: Swimming, BBQing with neighbors, friends and family, rescuing baby raccoons and fireworks!

St. Patrick’s:

Always an adventure with Corom around!

Summer Hiking: (day or weekend trips only)

Goblin Valley pictures… we met up with the Thompson’s the 2nd half of our trip. I love going to Goblin Valley!!

Different hiking/repelling, motorcycling times with the young men from our church and with friends.

Dripping Rock hike with the Chamber’s and Burk kids.

Family/Cousins- Summer BBQ’s 2019:

We try to get together with our cousins as much as possible. It’s so hard with how busy we are but when we do, it is so fun.

Family on my dad’s side. Uncle Mark and his kids and grandkids (my brother, John & his family & Missy & her family).

Family on my mom’s side (Aunt georgia and Aunt Julie and her kids & grandkids).

Track & Cross Country Combined:

I was awarded the coach of the year award at the HS I coach at. It was an honor and I was shocked! The girls took region in track and the boys took 3rd losing to 1st by 4 points. It was so close between 3 schools! Pictures also of my girls running track.

Random Pictures:

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