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June Days Leading Up To Vacation!

July 2, 2020

Well school is out… thank goodness. I so hope the kids can go back to school come the new school year. I didn’t do so well with helping my kids with online school. But the whole excitement of summer was very anticlimactic.

June 1-5:

Soccer games this week for my 3 younger ones and my oldest had a few games of volleyball. They ended up winning the tournament. The neighborhood kids and the girls playing dress up and a hand delivered medal and a t-shirt for a race that was canceled.
Love Mrs. Loveless! She was all of my children’s 1st grade teacher. My 3rd daughter and her had a special bond. She stopped by to bring her a gift. It was a cute book and she stayed to read it to her! ❤️
We were given the ok for cross country practice to start. We had a great turnout. We have to be careful and make sure the kids keep their distance. One of the neighboring HS’s put on a field events meet. We had a good amount from our school come and they performed well (most of them PR’d). It’s too bad we didn’t get a season.

June 6-12:

My niece (Missy’s daughter) was baptized into The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Later Day Saints. My oldest brother was able to come out as well, so we did a nice dinner for his daughter who just graduated from college. It was nice to visit for just the couple of days they were able to come out. A few were able to hike the Hot Springs.
I worked all week for The Clarion. They were doing lunches for Studio C.
We coached our youngest’s soccer team for the rec center. It was fun to do and to watch. We even won the tournament. The last game was so close and a lot of fun.
We have been working on our backyard and trying to clean up after our dogs. Boy, they are messy! Our friends were throwing away their pool because of too many wholes. We decided to take it and try to make it work. 😂 Yeah- 3 days worth of cleaning it, killing black widows and tons of spiders, then patching up about 100+ mini holes. Once we started, though, we couldn’t stop. Aunt Kymbra came into town and we have been hanging out with her and her 3 boys. G-Goat took all the kids to the fishery.
I found these photos in my phone of my oldest and her friend. I thought they were cute!

June 13-20

We laid sod this week… a couple of HS kids came and helped. It went by fast. We had our last soccer games for our 2 middle girls. We made it to the championships and was expected to lose (by a good amount)… but we tied 5 to 5 when they game ended. We went into sudden death (1st team to score, won). Well they had the kickoff, drove it down and scored. It was so awesome for our team to take 2nd and to be that close to winning. The girls had a sleepover (with just our girls) on our trampoline. And the chicks we got just a week ago (the ones Corom let the girls buy when I was at work 🙄) we had to give to our neighbor. We don’t have a backyard set up for them and we are leaving for 2 1/2-3 weeks.
Another week of working for The Clarion. All for Studio C. My oldest came with me a couple of times. She was excited because she likes to watch Studio C.
We hung out with Aunt Kymbra and her kids a lot. She helped all the kids do tye dye.

June 21: Father’s Day

The girls made Corom breakfast and for lunch we had Curry. It was a nice morning for the most part. 😂
After lunch we headed up to my sister in laws house (Yolanda’s) for a Father’s Day bbq. Aunt Vanessa (and her kids, Aunt Kymbra and her kids, and G-Goat and Gary all came as well. It was nice to have the cousins play.

June 22nd: On Monday… we finished packing up the car and cleaning the house. We then left on our trip.

Lot’s going on in the World, especially here in the States. It’s been hard to understand all the hate and why people don’t try to understand each other. People have gone crazy. Anyway… we will keep doing what we can to show people we love them.

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