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Today’s Morning Run

September 4, 2013

I met up with a few friends (Mac, Aubrey, Amber and Julia) and we went for a 15 min warm up. Amber needed to get a speed work out in so we decided to do one with her. I was a little more conservative on this speed because my legs are tired from this past weekend. We modified the workout from what was planned (the 800’s) and we ran an 800 speed around the track(half a mile; 2 laps around the track) with a 200 (half a lap) recovery jog. Then we ran a 400 speed (1 lap around the track) with a 100 (straight away on the track) recovery jog continued with another 400 speed with 100 recovery jog. That was one set. we did two sets at a total of 2 miles worth of speed. (1×800 & 2×400 for a set.) I was dreading it this morning wondering if my legs would be OK and if mentally I would be OK. I felt good, though. I did not time any of the 800’s or 400’s and I think that helped knowing this workout was a little extra this week. After we went on a cool down run (about 3 miles). I ran about 7 1/2+ miles in 1:00.55. Tomorrow will be easy!

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  1. Rachelle Wardle permalink

    I’m sad I missed out on the workout. I’m glad you guys did it and that Julia came. 🙂

    • I am so glad Julia came!!! She is an amazing person! I am way sad I missed the loop this morning… this is going to be a long week! 🙂

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