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High School Rally

September 18, 2013

Corom and I were invited to be in the high school rally. It was a competition between the freshman, sophomores, juniors, seniors, 1 year old alumni, and faculty. We of course were on the faculty team. It was a blast! We did a lot of different relays and obstacles. There was a wheel barrel relay race, an obstacle race with a pie shoved in your face (Corom loved that one because he was able to shove a pie in my face).

There was a water balloon relay race…

And then a shopping cart around the track while pushing someone with an egg in their mouth relay race. When it came to Corom and I he pushed me 1st and then the 2nd time around I pushed Corom. Well I could not see above Corom and some girl in all black ran right in front of me… I hit her with no reserve and into the ground she went. I felt horrible. As she laid there, I went to help and Corom was yelling at me to go. What do you think I did? Seriously, of course I helped her and then I went. It was bad though. The good thing was, no one really saw what happened. The bad thing was, we came in last by a long shot because no one saw what happened. This was me explaining to one of the kids the commotion with the shopping cart…

I do hope that when our girls are in high school, we will be doing the same thing with them. We really had a good time!

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