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Our Run Through 4 Cities

September 19, 2013

I put in a 15.2 mile tempo run thanks to my running friends. I first started off my morning at 4:45 a.m. This is what it looked like that early (a nice full noon):

I gave a work out to the people that I train and then I went for my workout at a little before 6. We (Rachelle, Amber, Mac & I) started in Salem, ran up to Woodland Hills, went through Elkridge, and into Payson back to Salem totaling 15.2 miles (Mac and Amber split off from Elkridge). We climbed the mountain (with a few breaks of flat running) for the first 8.4 miles. Right when we reached the top we started our tempo run. Our 1st mile was 7 min, 2nd mile was 6:18, 3rd was 6:24, 4th was 6:16, the 5th was 6:21, and the 6th was 5:53. Mile 1 was .4 uphill, mile 3 was flat and some down and mile 5 was flat and it was a hard mental mile. We finished off strong. We did a mile cool down. We had an average pace of 7:15. This was a tough run. It is now 12:23 and I am still tired from today!

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  1. Scott C. permalink

    NIce run Jen!!! You girls rock!!!

  2. Thanks Scott… you also rock!!! You have such a drive in you that so many people want!

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