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I Got My Run In!

September 25, 2013

I had my 4 year old take this:

I was able to run for 41 min today. 40 min was a nice easy pace and 1 min was a slow shuffle (I did back off a little because I can feel an annoyance in my hamstring… Not to bad, though). I walked for a couple of min. Now I am icing my hamstring while I’m writing this up.

(4 year old again… Not bad.) The ice is burning my leg! I did run in my other new shoes… I like them. Thanks Runner’s Corner for the Sauconys (Flexfilm)!



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  1. Toby permalink

    Trying to get your run is one of the hardest things about being a mom. If you don’t get up at the crack of dawn or if hubby is gone, your running suffers. And you need your run for mental sane-ness :). My world changed when I got my home TM for crazy days. Way to get it done Jen!

  2. That is what I love… there are so many people in the same situation and we can all relate to eachother!

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