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Cross Country Practice & Stuff

September 25, 2013

The high school kids went on a 4.78 mile run today. It was a recovery run because the last 2 days were hard on the kids. We could see it in their run yesterday! There were some funny situations that we saw while driving past the kids (yes we follow them…):

2 of the kids forgot to bring running clothes so we told them to get to running! 🙂 Oh and it was raining… I love running in the rain but if I had to do it in my clothes, well that is a different story.

We came upon this group. The dog would not leave them alone. It looked like he kept nipping at them. It was funny to watch them try to scare the dog away… It didn’t work. And everyone who knows me, knows that I am terrified of dogs when I run! Yes we made sure the kids were okay… The dog was harmless. After cross country, we had soccer (pictures) for my 3rd child. It was freezing!

And then we (the girls and I) went to scouts for pack night.

And finally we went to school for SEP’s (parent/teacher conference). We came home, did the whole bedtime routine and then a friend came over and we watched a show together. Her husband is gone too so we thought it would be fun to hang out.

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  1. Mary Williams permalink

    I need to teach you what to do when you come across a dog. I come across them all the time on my bike. Some of them I have come across many times. When they see me coming now, they turn and run. We need to get you so you are not terrified of them.

  2. Please, let me know your secret!!!

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