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Last “Long” Run Before the Marathon

September 26, 2013

I dropped all the girls off at school and went on a nice 1:05.34 minute run. I felt good and had a good solid pace… I think. I felt like I could have kept going for a lot longer but I stopped for 3 reasons: 1) I read an article on on the last 2 weeks before a marathon and the whole tapering thing. I am not a high mileage person to began with and when the article mentioned that 90% of people training for a marathon do too much 2 weeks before the marathon, it made me think that “yes it is okay to not go for a 15 miler”… I believe for most of us runners it is hard to back off mentally. It suggested to do 70-80% of what we normally do. 2) I started to feel my hamstring… It doesn’t hurt at all but I can feel it so I want to be smart. 3) I was close to my house and I have a real hard time mentally running past my house and having to go more… Anyway, back to my watch…I am old school with a watch that only does time, so I don’t know how far I ran. 🙂 I will get in the car to retrace my steps just to see the distance. One day I will upgrade my watch…


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  1. Scott C. permalink

    Have you tried to tract your miles?

  2. I have not. I will look it up after I get done with this. I hope it is not to technical… 🙂 Thanks Scott!!!

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