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Dairy Loop Run

October 22, 2013

I met up with Amber, Rachelle, Melissa and Scott this morning.

We ran a 7 mile loop through town (we call it the Dairy Loop because we ran pass the dairy farm). 🙂 I felt really good today. My legs are finally coming back! It took us 50:55.31 minutes. It was a great run with great company!



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  1. Hey!!Just checking in! So impressed that you guys wake up so early! It must feel amazing to get your workout done & out of the way. Oh and …..AWESOME & Unbelievable time on your Marathon! You’re my hero LOL! Last weekend, I did my fastest Half Marathon in 1:44mins. I felt incredible. You continue to inspire me….Now I plan to do St. George next year! Probably won’t get close to doing it in the time that you did, but I’m so excited! You rock!

  2. 1:44!!! That is very impressive! What was your best before then? I am glad to hear you are planning on doing St. George. I love that marathon. To bad we don’t live near eachother for training purposes. The group of people I run with are at all different levels and we have helped eachother out so much. Thanks for writing.

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