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Haunted House & Halloween Party

October 30, 2013


We went to a friend’s house for a fun Halloween dinner (after i finished scouts). They then had a scavenger hunt set up with clues and all…

After the scavenger hunt they went in a spook ally in their basement…


Corom and I were very impressed! Our friends put in a lot if work and it was fun! Our kids had a blast… Then I took them and Z to a Haunted House in Elkridge (put on by the soccer team). I freaked my kids out that I think all 4 of them might end up in my bed! They give you 2 options… Do you want the “princess” version or the “scary” version? Of course I said scary… Lets just say the Haunted House did a very good job at scaring my kids (and z and I at times).

I do recommend it for everyone to go through. It is cheap and way good. If you have young kids… Do the princess version! 🙂

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