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My Day in 1 Post…

November 6, 2013

It was one of those days… It had some really good moments and some not so good moments. I told my friend Rebecca I could help her at the Clarion Manor in Payson this morning for about 15 minutes. My 3rd had her speech class at the same time. Long story short… Running back and forth a couple of times made it doable. I picked up my kindergartener and a couple of other kids, took them home, met up with Corom and then went to my deep tissue Butt Massage at Dr. Crockett’s office (the chiropractor) next to South Valley Gym. (Corom was on lunch and watched the kids.) The massage was so great!

The massage therapist was so good! I need to make more money so I can do this more! I came home and then had scouts at my house (the kids had a half day at school today… Everyone got out at noon). On top of scouts, a couple of cross country girls showed up to take Z out but they stayed for a while and played with the girls…





At some point in all of this the scouts accidentally let our baby chicks out and one got killed by our neighbor’s dog. A couple of hours later, the other 3 chicks were killed by our older dog (one of my daughters left the gate open). The rest of the night was a nightmare with 4 girls being emotional over the chicks. Even when they fought they blamed it on the chicks dying!!! They didn’t want to do their homework because the chicks died, my 2 older ones couldn’t go to sleep because the chicks died. It was great all the excuses they have! I hate to hear what they will say when our dog passes away… Anyway… It was a busy day with lots going on.

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