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Every Day Routine/Cross Country Practice

November 11, 2013

This morning into afternoon, I had 5 extra kids here (some overlapped each other). That is almost a daily routine here. I love it because it keeps my kids entertained!

I, then, headed off to cross country practice. We had the kids do a speed workout around a 1200 meter loop (equivalent to 3 laps around a track). We do great speed work outs there! They ran a 1200 at a little faster then their 5k race pace. With a 3 min recovery time. Then they ran half the loop at a fast pace! Their recovery was to jog the rest of the loop.

We (I mean they) ran 4 sets of this workout. They did a mile and a quarter warm up and a mile and a half cool down. They were beat! I do like it when they say I am mean and brutal!!!

After dinner, we had our family night (Z stayed on the couch with us…for some reason she didn’t want to get up and sing a song). 🙂

Z was finally answered back by the boy she asked to a ladies choice dance. She was so excited!!!

Once the girls were in bed, Z had homework and Corom and I and some friends went hot tubing. It felt great on the legs!

After much late night snacking, it is time for bed!!!

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