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The Day After Thanksgiving Chaos

November 29, 2013

My 3 sister-in-laws (Yolanda, Christina, and Vanessa), Sarah (MIL), Z (Foriegn Exchange student), my oldest daughter and her 2 cousins her age and I went to the craft fair…

I am not a shopper at all (I hate clothes shopping). But I decided to go anyway.
It was so crowded but it flowed nicely… There was a lot if neat things for sell.

I actually bought a pair of boots…

I have never spent more than $10 on shoes before until today. I hope they look okay… I don’t normally wear boots because as most people know… I don’t know how to dress. Thanks to my in laws…
Anyway, we came home and got the kids and ourselves (and our spouses) ready for our lunch/dinner… We went on an early “Christmas” family dinner (because most of the family, minus 2,
are here) to Tucano’s.

You had to roll all of us out after we ate! The food was great… We then had to take a picture with grandma (G-Goat) and all the grandchildren…

We came home and had our “Christmas” pass around exchange. We read the Christmas story, The Night Before Christmas, and every “and” and “the” we pass our gift around. At the end we open up our gifts.

It is always fun to see what everybody wraps up.

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