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Fun Time With the Family

November 30, 2013

All of us (Corom’s family) went to the movies. We went and saw Despicable Me.

My youngest took so many potty breaks (at least 5 or 6 times) but we still enjoyed the movie.
When we returned my friend, running buddy and pacing partner for the Thankful 13 half stopped by my sister-in-laws house (Yolanda’s) with a special and inside joke award.


Long story short… We had a great time pacing and we paced with great people. At the finish we found out we took 3rd and 4th. (Beth sent me a text letting me know they called her up to get the 3rd place award.) Well the results came out a day later and I was ahead of her by a second. So she came to deliver the award and a pacing sash… It was so funny and so unexpected. Very creative! It was so much fun getting to know Beth better!
After dinner Corom and I and his other siblings and their families and Sarah all went to the:

(Festival of Lights). We went there with our girls being way tired and cranky. I thought they would change when they saw the lights but for the 1st half of the loop they fought who was standing where, etc.

The 2nd half of the loop they all found their placing… Still a little cranky but not too bad… More enjoyable is the right word. 🙂 I do love the Christmas season!



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