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Too Close of an Encounter!

November 30, 2013

We were all cleaning house and packing up our things at grandma Sarah’s house (Jarom- Corom’s oldest brother- and his family are driving home today). Our youngest decides to lock herself in the car (as we are loading stuff in the cars)…and of course the keys are in the car. I am actually downstairs cleaning out the room the girls stayed in (with Sarah), unaware of all of this, when Christina (Jarom’s wife) comes running in telling me to get outside. She tells us that my 4th backed the car out, and hit a tree and backed into a ditch. At first I thought she was joking…

What freaks me out is how different this situation could have been! I guess she put the key in the ignition and put the car in neutral (she didn’t start the car). Naturally, with the car in neutral, it rolled back with the down hill. Thank goodness it went across the street and hit the tree (which the car knocked it over) to stop the car and ran into the ditch. Very lucky on many different accounts!!!

Jarom ran after the van and told us that she got knocked around pretty good. She was okay (thank goodness) but freaked out!

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