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Saturday Run

December 14, 2013

Mac, Amber and I went out on a 13 mile run in 1:34.20. The first half was an uphill, flat, uphill climb.

The 2nd half was obviously the downhill, flat, downhill run. That was nice. It felt good and I’m glad we ran that far. It was not that cold outside today and it felt great.

We ended at my house. Corom was waiting for us with smoothies. They were so good!!!

Now it is time for the Saturday morning cleaning. I’m so excited :/.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    7:15 min. per mile is pretty fast when you consider the hills you were climbing! Great job! We ending up going 13.80 but much slower. (:

    • Anonymous permalink

      Anonymous was by Scott C.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I wrote a message back but did it wrong… so I don’t know if you got it.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah… it was the downhill that made up for the time running up! You should have came. Next time have your group meet up and do this loop with us. I love it and it is something different.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Scott… this was from me (Jen). I forgot to log in. 🙂

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