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FrontRunner and Temple Square

December 14, 2013

As our Christmas activity for the day we took the Frontrunner up to Salt Lake City to the LDS temple.


We got there when it was still light out so we walked around for a little while…

Z (our Foriegn exchange student) wanted to go shopping so Corom gave the girls a lecture on what to do and not to do.

I should have been the one to give the lecture with Corom sitting right in the middle. We tried to keep the girls entertained while Z shopped by playing follow the leader. I can’t remember which child was the leader (one of the older 2) but she went under a rack. Corom had our youngest on his shoulders and decided to attempt crawling under the rack to follow. It didn’t go over to well…

He did get a few laughs though. We went and ate then finally made it to the temple.


The lights turned on shortly after… It was beautiful!

Z really enjoyed it. She is of a different faith but met a missionary there that spoke her language. She was so excited!!! We finally made the mile walk back to the Frontrunner…


We made it back and tried to keep the girls entertained while on the Frontrunner. They were so tired until we got onto the train. They got a 2nd wind or something. :/

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  1. Corom should really get his own you-tube station..he’s so hysterically funny. Not sure how he comes up with his crazy ideas:)

    • Ashley, I don’t know how Corom comes up with it either. I need to start video taping everything he does because it is pure entertainment!

    • Where do you live? I will be in Lincoln Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We should meet up for a run!

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