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Rehabilitation Center

December 15, 2013

For our Christmas activity for the day we went to the rehabilitation center (nursing home). We went from room to room and sang 3 songs to each person (that was awake :)).

It was so amazing this time… I don’t know if it is because our girls are getting older, or that they know the songs better, or are not as shy but we all felt the spirit so strong (at least Corom and I did). Last year was more of a headache with our girls running around everywhere.

This time, a few of the ladies cried. I know they were crying because they were happy but it made me a little sad. We,as a community, need to visit the people in the center more!

Anyway… It was fun and the girls and Z (our Foriegn exchange student) enjoyed it.

But of course when we got home the girls started right up with the fighting! Nothing new!

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  1. Such a heart warming post! Our little family has this very same tradition and you’re right….. The spirit is very strong & it’s sad, as well. You and Corom are such amazing parents!!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Likewise to you! I have heard so many great things about you from all of Corom’s family!!! They think the world of you and he says you are one of the nicest people he has ever known.

    • I wrote you a message but I don’t think I was signed in… 🙂

    • So, I love your blog! Your kids are so cute and your pictures are amazing. I tried to follow you, but I am so new at this that I don’t know how. :/

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