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In-door Soccer Team :/

January 4, 2014

My sister and brother-in-law asked if I would be on their in-door co-ed soccer team…

I don’t think they realized that the last time I played soccer was back in junior high or maybe high school when we had to play for P.E. 🙂 Hopefully they don’t regret it! I have never been coordinated with other sports… that is why I enjoy running. I was really nervous waiting to be subbed in!

After a few minutes I was thrown into the game because my sister was ready for a sub. I had no clue what to do so I just went after the ball… There were a few times I would close my eyes and kick the ball…

The ball was coming (in this picture above). 🙂 I even had a header. I was pretty excited! I loved playing. I loved the fact that the ball could hit the wall and you still play off of it. There were many times I would kick the ball to no one in particular but oh well…

I ended up playing defense a lot… Go figure (I can be a little annoying, because of running I had a lot of endurance and energy). I would chase after everyone in green as they came down to our goal and then when I had the opportunity, I would kick the ball hard to, as I said before, no one in particular. Before the game, I told my sister I would play this one game for them and then they had to find someone else… Well… I loved it and said I would keep playing; if they would allow it. 🙂

My little brother and cousin are also on the team (maybe we will get into a sibling fight one of these games, just like the good old days…). Corom and the girls (my parents and other family members) watched. Corom is going to play a few games with us. I’m excited and a little nervous at the same time! 🙂 Fun times…

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