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Rest Day!?

January 5, 2014

I worked at the Clarion Gardens last night for a business event.

Rebecca at the Clarion needed help and Corom and I could always use extra cash :)… To be honest, I would work for food. Their food is so good and I always get to bring home leftovers! 🙂 This is us working hard…

Corom had the girls and did movie night with the (The Princess Bride). My 2nd child/6 year old, told Corom the movie was too violent. 🙂 We then put the kids to bed and the Fullmers came down to hang out…

Anyway… We had church at 9 this morning. I like going in the morning (especially on fast Sunday’s… Actually it makes it harder to fast until dinner). After church we went to my little brother’s baby blessing. He did a great job! A very cute family!

Corom, the kids, Z and I headed up to the Fullmer’s house for Mike’s birthday cake…


We came home at bedtime for the kids (7-7:15) and began the process of the bedtime routine. I left with my little brother and his wife to go hang out at my sister’s house before my parents went back home. It was a late night, but we had a good time. Love my family!


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  1. Hi Jen! Just wanted to stop by to say hi:) I noticed your fam just spent time is beautiful Cali! What a fun time you guys had! We had family in town the passed couple of weeks, but I would absolutely love it if we can coordinate to get our families together sometime this year? I’ll let ya know if we take a trip out to Utah. Also, did your Mom get discounted tickets to Monterey Bay aquarium? It’s an arm & a leg $$ but I’m researching how to get a good deal for tix for my fam…..any tips would be helpful thanks hun!

    • Lets for sure get our families together! My mom called all her neighbors with season passes and used their guest passes. Otherwise, we would not have been able to go. It is a lot of money!!! But it was so crowded. I will ask my mom if she knows of anything…

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