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In-door track and Family Night

January 6, 2014

Today at practice before I sent the kids off on a run, I gave the runners a pre-season pep talk. I hope they are as excited as I am. I love it because we have a big variety of runners. We have the top runner who has dreams and goals that any coach could dream of (and he took 1st in Region in CC) with our 2nd fastest kid not too far behind (he took 4th).

Down to the runners that make the team more fun and are on the team to keep in shape and for the social fun. We need them all there! They all have great goals and I hope they can achieve them. It is hard because for in-door track we only meet 3 days a week and then some Saturdays for the meets. Right now very few of the kids run on those other days that we don’t meet… That was part of my speech today. They won’t hit their full potential if they don’t run and do the workouts I give them on their off days… So we will see. They went on a 3- 8 mile run. We have beginners to advanced runners.


On to family night… Every Monday night is a night that we set aside for a time to sit around and talk, have a spiritual lesson, play games, etc. It is a night we all look forward to! Tonight, my oldest, had the lesson.

She did so good and did everything on her own. She talked about telling the truth and had different scenarios that we had to answer. I was impressed! Corom leaned over to me and asked if I helped her… I didn’t! 🙂


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