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Easy Run… My Day In A Nutshell

January 17, 2014

I slept in today and then went on a short shakeout run. I only ran 24:25.08. I ended off with 3 fast strides. I have my 1/2 marathon race tomorrow… After today’s run I realized I am going to be hurting. 🙂 I started my hard speed this week with a double speed in a row. Well tomorrow should be interesting. Oh well… This race is all part of a workout plan.
I spent all morning cleaning and packing… The girls (my 4) and I are driving to St. George right after school. Z (our Foriegn exchange student) left for a girl’s “camp” (in a cabin) for our church.

I picked up Amber D (my running friend) after I dropped Z off and we drove to St. George. It was a long drive… The girls were on one today. Poor Amber. 🙂 We walked around the expo after we picked up our packets…

20140117-210518.jpg The girls were a little hyper after the car ride (it is about a 3 1/2 hour drive)…

The hotel room added to their excitement and going to bed 2 hours past their bedtime didn’t help any. 🙂


Good times! :/ Corom and our friend Mike are driving up in the morning to run the 5k… Corom is pushing the girls in a stroller. 🙂

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  1. Good luck on the half!

  2. Good luck! Have a great time and I hope you got some rest!

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