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Martin Luther King Day

January 20, 2014

Once we got the house cleaned (and the girls had to clean their rooms) we went to the $3.00 movie theatre. We saw the movie Free Birds…

It was a cute movie… The girls loved it. We got out at about 12:30 and decided to go back home and go for a walk. It was a nice day today (chilly but sunny)…

We hung out with a few neighbors along the way and used their front yards to entertain our kids…


For dinner we had the Barney’s and Martins over. We made homemade pizza and hung out for a little while.
For Family night, (the Martins, Barney’s and a few more families from our street) met at the church and did some cleaning. It is our blocks turn to clean the church this week. We were able to get it done pretty quick because a lot of people showed up.


After the cleaning we played “Lightening”… It is a basketball game. We had a blast… I didn’t make it to far in the game, though!



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  1. I envy the flip flops while sledding. Looks like fun!

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