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4×1000 Speed Work

January 21, 2014

There were about 10 of us that met up this morning for a lovely speed workout of 4 x 1000’s around the track. (Blake, Tris, Jacob, Scott, Melissa, Katie, Levi, etc.) We ran a 20 min warmup; we ran to BYU’s outdoor track but there was still a lot of snow on it, so we headed back to the indoor track… (We were all dressed for running outside… Yes we were burning up running inside but it was all good).

We were supposed to run at 80% with the speed today. So we figured to come across the 800 (1/2 mile) mark at 3 minutes even (makes it a 6 min mile pace) and then to hold onto that pace to finish off the 1000 (we were a little short of a 1000 but pretty close)… The 1st and 2nd one we came across the 800 at 3… It was perfect. The 3rd one was a 2:54 and the 4th was a 2:58. The total 1000 was 1) 3:37, 2) 3:35, 3) 3:28 & 4) 3:30. We jogged a lap in-between each interval. Between the 2nd and 3rd we jogged 2 laps. My legs were tired but the repeats felt very controlled and we were not struggling through them. I like these workouts because you are training your body to be used to your goal race pace. There are some workouts that you do to go all out and then there are others that are controlled. It helps you get through a longer speed workout with the controlled times. We finished off with stretching…

And then 1 leg hops. 2 x 50 on each leg. It is good to end your workout practicing a fast cadence and it helps build foot strength.

We did have others that ran our warm ups with us (Rachelle and Amber D) and Janae ran into us as we were finishing up… Love seeing and being around all our running friends…
I stopped off at the gym and did 3 x 10 back Lat pulls at 50 lbs and 2×10 front lat pulls at 50 lbs…

I headed over to the pull-up machine (the more weight you put on the easier it is to do a pull-up).

I put the weight to 90lbs and it was still hard for me. 🙂 I’m in trouble with my upper body strength. I did 15 and called it good. I came home and Corom and I helped get the girls ready for school… Let the day begin!

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