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January 22, 2014

My day started off with taking the girls to school and then my 3rd to speech class…

I watched an extra little girl today from my kindergartener’s class. The kids had fun!
I then had scouts right after school. While we were waiting for all the boys to show up some of the boys got into a boxing match (with our boxing gloves on). Well of course one of the 10 year old boys came up crying… The other leader and I looked at each other and had no clue what to do!!! So I brought them all upstairs and sat them down.

We had a little “talk” with them explaining how important it is to be nice and not to gang up on each other and I can’t remember what else but it sure was something I am not used to! We did take the boys, my girls and Z (our foreign exchange student and A another foreign exchange student) out for ice cream.

It was quit the group. It took a little time to round all the boys up when we had to leave but other than that they were pretty good…

Z and A then watched the girls for me for about an hour today… I had a meeting with a family. I am part of a mentor (big sister/big brother) program. I take out the same child (that needs a friend) once a week for a 6 month period. We have fun with them and show them that they are loved! We have not had a need for it in our area for about 8 months now (which is always a good thing). We (another mentor and I) went to the house and ended up having to reschedule for another time. Back at the house, the girls were having a blast with Z and A…

We had a few friends stop by but other than that it was a pretty mellow evening.

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