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My Run to Awards to Cheating to Indoor Track Meet

January 24, 2014

I could barely get up this morning! I knew if I didn’t get up and meet with people for my run, I would not run as far as I should. We met at 5:30 a.m. And set off on an easy run. I ran a total of 1:01.53 (about 7 1/2 miles)… I was really tired today! Thank goodness for a easy day!
I went to my 2nd graders school this morning. She had earned a STAR award.

She was so excited! Her sister (kindergartener) was just as excited for her…


The 3 younger girls had a little too much fun with the neighbor girl and her makeup. …


My oldest got into the car with not much to say after school. I looked at her and asked what was wrong. She started to cry and handed over her spelling test…

Ohhh… She was caught cheating! She found a paper in her desk that had some of the spelling words on them… She was so upset and scared and embarrassed, etc. I was feeling the same emotions as my daughter but I was also shocked! My daughter was so sad and tears just kept streaming down her face. I had her come sit on my lap (in the driver’s seat) and before we pulled out we had a little talk. I called the teacher and both my daughter and I talked with her. She is a great teacher. She did tell me that she was not the 1st to be caught and she won’t be the last. I know (and her teacher agrees) that she will not be doing that again… Well hopefully. Of course… The day she gets an award… :/

I had a babysitter come over (that is another story on its own) because I had to go to a indoor high school track meet at the Olympic Oval in Kearns and Corom went on a scout camp out… Any way the track meet went well! We had a few guys PR (personal record) and quite a few come very close to their outdoor time in track last year. That is a great place to be in going into a new season!

Our top distance runner ran the 2 mile today and out ran the top 2 guys on the last straight away to the finish to win the race. His best 2 mile was a 10:07 and tonight he ran it in 9:38… It was an exciting race to watch.

This was me in-between the races… Riding a bike, while reading a book and eating a sandwich… Is there any better way to spend a Friday night? 🙂


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