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Long Tempo Run On A Treadmill!

January 25, 2014

I had to do my long tempo run in the treadmill! Corom is gone on a scout camp out so I had the entire night to mentally prepare for this run. I ran at a easy to moderate pace for 43 minutes and then began a 30 minute tempo.

The bad thing about my treadmill is that it is so old that the miles get messed up. For example… My “2nd” mile of warming up at a slow pace was faster than my 1st tempo mile by a couple of minutes. So I went by time and off of feel for this run.
As I said I went for 43 min at an easy pace than to a moderate pace… From 43 min to 1:13 I ran at a hard solid pace. The last 10 minutes of the tempo I wanted to stop! I felt a little dizzy (and that has to do a lot with no water, being inside and having the heating vent right next to me). My legs were burning and my body was tired from this workout. I knew I had to finish the 30 min tempo or I would be disappointed in myself! I did a 9 minute cool down and finished with a total of 1:21.49.

The bad thing about this workout is I do not know how many miles I ran and what my tempo mile pace was but the great thing about this workout is… I didn’t know how far I ran and my mile tempo pace! There is no disappointment if I didn’t hit the marks that I wanted. πŸ™‚ Now I can just assume I did. Oh and this was the longest I have ever run on a treadmill… It wasn’t to bad.

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  1. Ani permalink

    The treadmills I use at the rec automatically stop after an hour. It is so frustrating to reset them and not just quit right there haha

    • Sorry my computer was down for a while! I would be so frustrated if the treadmill shut off on me after an hour!!! Knowing me, I would have a hard time starting back up and finishing a workout. πŸ™‚

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