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Valentine’s Dinner… And My Day

January 30, 2014

ad_brownies2For those living in or near Utah County… The Clarion Gardens is holding their annual Valentine’s Dinner. Corom and I have gone every year to this event (and to all the other dinners they have held). There are 2 different dates you can attend, a non formal and formal night. Their food is phenomenal and the entertainment is great.  So men… if you have not already planned a special evening to the one you want to spend time with, get your reservation now!

Unfortunatley, this will be the 1st event Corom and I will not be able to make of theirs… we have yet to tell the chef and event planner (the Carter’s)… I think they will be shocked that we have made other plans. Corom and I will actually be in Florida running Ragnar (Florida Keys) with the Founder of the race. He invited us to run on his team and we could not pass up the offer! Print

Now to today’s events… Corom and I picked up all the girls from school (after Corom went on his run). After we picked up our kindergartener, we went into the school and had lunch with our oldest…

Then I actually went to lunch with 7 friends of mine to the Pizza Factory. There were 2 birthdays we were celebrating. I made a mean salad!

It was good and I really enjoyed the company! I only had about an hour to hang out but it was worth it. I headed to a doctor’s appointment for my foot… The ball of my left foot has been bothering me, so I decided to check it out. Tomorrow I will get an X-Ray (just to make sure… To be on the safe side). Corom had a therapy session to go to, so the girls and I went to in-door track.

I sent the distance kids on a Fartlek run. They went on a 7 mile loop (Dairy Loop) with the first 2 1/2 miles as a warmup.

They began a Fartlek from 2 1/2 miles to 6 miles. 1 minute hard then a 2 minute recovery, repeated for 3 1/2 miles. They ran the last mile as a cool down.

They finished off with strides and the 2×50 leg hops. They were tired and sore when they came back. 🙂 This evening Corom went and helped a friend out (Mike Fullmer) and my Visiting Teacher came over.

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