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5 x 1000’s Speed Work

February 4, 2014

We woke up this morning to snow on the ground… That meant we were doing our speed in the BYU indoor track. I (Amber and I drove down together) met up with Blake, Jacob, and Katie this morning. There were 5 of us that did a mile and a half warmup before the speed intervals started.
My main goal today was to stay up with Blake and Jacob. These were hard 1000’s. 2 weeks ago we ran at 80% and came across the 800 mark at an average of 3 min (6 min mile pace). Today my 1st one was 3 minutes right on at the 800 (half a mile mark). 2nd 1000 at the 800 mark was 2:49. My 3rd was 2:44. My 4th interval was a 2:42 and my last (5th) 1000 at the 800 mark was a 2:43. I don’t remember my finishing times on all of them but what I can remember is… 1) 3:24; 2) ? 3) ? 4) 3:15; 5) 3:18… I believe. The guys pulled me along. My main focus was to stay with them. They were ahead of me but they did make me go faster and push harder! We did run into Jossie (an amazing fitness/health trainer)-, Janae (, and Rebecca.

We ran our 2 mile cool down with these ladies… They are all so amazing and so uplifting. I found myself wanting to be around them more. I talked them into running a few more laps with Amber and I even though they already finished their work out just to be with them! They are so positive and encouraging and it helps. The guys were great today… They made sure I didn’t back off and talked me into finishing off strong. I know I could not do this on my own! I did go to the gym after I dropped my 3 older girls off… I did 20 back lat pulls, 10 front lat pulls. I took a 20 sec break then did the same thing. 3rd set I did 10 back and 5 front lat pulls all at 50 lbs… My youngest came and helped. 🙂


I did the 20 pull-ups on the machine that helps those that can’t do a pull-up on their own. 😉 I ran a total of 8 1/2 miles this morning (I should have ran a longer warm up but that is ok). I finished off with the 2 x 50 leg hops.

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  1. WalkToRio permalink

    I’m starting my interval training tomorrow, not looking forward to it. Specially because it’s gonna be raining. Your 1km are great!

    • I know the feeling! I dread the morning of sometimes still (even though I am on my 4th week of speed). It is hard but after it feels so good! What are you training for?

      • WalkToRio permalink

        Once you are done the feeling is great.
        I have a 20km race in April, the first race of the season.

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