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In Door Track & Family Night

February 3, 2014

My girls and I went to track practice…

After their agilities and core, I sent them on a 1 1/2 mile warmup. They met me (and my girls) back at the track. I wore a whistle today for their speed workout. They ran 2 x 3 minutes at 85% pace for their mile to 2 mile pace with 90 seconds of a recovery jog/walk. Then they ran 5 x 90 seconds at 90% with a 90 sec recovery. They finished off with another 3 min at 85%. It was a tough workout!

They went on a 2 mile cool down, finished off with a couple of strides and the 2 x 50 leg hops.

Family night we had a few families over for dinner… The Downey’s, the Chase’s and the Erdman’s. It was great company and good fun.

After everyone left, we did our little family lesson and business… My 3rd child gave the lesson. She did a great job. My 2nd child did the songs and shared a few jokes. And the other 2, youngest and oldest, said the opening and closing prayer. Z, Corom and I were just along for the ride and had to answer all the questions. 🙂


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