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Getting To Florida Keys Ragnar

February 6, 2014

For me… My day started at 2:45 a.m. When my alarm went off; for Corom, his day is still going from yesterday… He did not go to bed last night. I would like to think that he is practicing for Ragnar but in all honesty… He waits until the last minute to do things. He ran out of time to go to sleep before we had to get up and leave for the airport. Every time I turn around and talk to him, he is sleeping… It reminds me of our honeymoon (totally joking :))!

Really though, I do not like flying… It is a little eerie to me. Our flight from Salt Lake to Denver went by fast and wasn’t that bad, but that doesn’t change my little fear of flying!

Corom and I had a little too much fun on the airport walkway escalators… I also had to get some kind of run in… Strike it up for one kill already for Ragnar…

Corom helped a bird get a drink out of the drinking fountain. He clogged up the fountain and the little bird drank away… It also left a little present for Corom…

The flight from Denver to Fort Lauderdale, Florida was long and boring. We have met a lot of people on this trip for 2 reasons only… A shoe…

And there were a few people coming out for the Ragnar Relay Race. We will explain the shoe in it’s own post…

We did take some shots from the airplane. I thought it was so pretty looking out…

We have landed and Corom’s sister (Kymbra) just picked us up from the airport… We picked up a teammate too… She flew in from California.

Switch over to the girls… We heard they woke up for Michelle at 5 a.m. I felt so bad! But that is not surprising… They will be with grandma, too and are so excited!

(I will update this in a little while…)

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  1. Yay! Have a great time. I too hate flying!

  2. You guys are hilarious. Have fun and enjoy the warm weather!!

  3. WalkToRio permalink

    That looks like a lot of fun, all except the bird drop.

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