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Let The Ragnar Begin…

February 7, 2014

The day began at 4:30 a.m. We were able to catch a ride with another team early this morning (we had to get to the starting line by 9… Our time to start).

We did get there a little early because the random people we found to give us a ride had a start time of 6:30. We were able to see the sunrise… So beautiful!!!

Corom started off for our team “Viking apocalypse”.

I ran the last mile and a half with Corom (about 16 minutes). He was struggling really bad with the humidity. He had the chills and was feeling light headed and sweating a ton! We all realized that water was the key to this Ragnar! He then handed off to me and I ran my 1st leg of 4.5 miles. It is so hot and humid here… 80 degrees and 70% humidity (at 9:45 a.m.) I ran it in 29.34.08. I was really excited to not run in high altitude but I think humidity is the same disadvantage as higher altitude! It was tough but a good run.

It feels like and looks like we have all showered after our run! Our team is so fun… And Corom is crazy as usual!!!

We ended up rotating through vans so we were/are able to get to know everyone. It was great! Part of our team were Ragnar employees. It is very confusing to explain, so I copied and pasted what Tanner Bell (the co-founder of Ragnar) wrote…

“There is a unique van rotation called the Rolling 7. The way it works is at all times the on-van has seven runners and the off-van has 5. So at the start the relay, the On-van will have runners 1-7 and the off-van will have runners 8-12. At Exchange 7 the two vans meet and runners 8-12 become the on-van. Runners 1 and 2 join runners 8-12 in the new on-van and Runners 3-7 become the off van. One important note, while the van rotation changes, the legs you run are still the same. If you run leg 1 you still run leg 13 and 24.
The advantage is that runners rotate through the vans and get know everyone on the team, instead of just having van 1 and van 2. The disadvantage… I don’t really know the disadvantage. I guess that is why I want to test it.”

To explain the toilet paper wrapped around Corom… We went to a gas station (while Tanner was out running) to pick up more water and there was a sign that read “No Shirt No Service”. Corom didn’t have a shirt, so he made one. He was able to get his service. 🙂

Corom & Tanner, then Corom and Kristen breaking the rules. And Darin is letting everyone know of their rule breaking… He was also cheering on the other teams making everyone laugh!
I do have a lot more pictures because Corom and I were in van 1 and then straight to van 2…

Don’t give Corom the megaphone… Ever! 🙂

And don’t let Corom drive with a lot of people in the van… Ever! 😉
I have not even ran my 2nd leg yet and it has been very eventful and crazy (and hot)!

So I ran on a dirt canal with brackish water for my 2nd leg. It was dark at this time, so I had my headlight on and I carried a flashlight in my hand. It was supposed to be 4.7 miles but it ended up being 5.4. My time was 34:12.05. To be honest… I didn’t even notice because I was looking for crocodiles the entire way. 🙂 And I found one lurking in the water (thanks to the hand flashlight)…

Meanwhile, back at home my girls, g-goat (grandma), and cousins were/are having a great time. They made pizzas, watched movies and are going to a birthday party…

I know that I am going to wish I was there with them in a few hours… 🙂 Well time to post today’s adventures and start a new one later…

Good night… I’m going to get some sleep!

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  1. Your husband is hilarious! Glad you guys are having fun.

  2. Toby permalink

    Y’all are hilarious!

  3. Thanks you 2! It was a blast… Sarah if you have never ran a Ragnar, you need to! I would love to have you on our team if it was something you would like to do!

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