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The Continuation of Ragnar

February 8, 2014

Day 2: We are back at it. Corom and I actually had pretty good sleep for a Ragnar (you usually get 2 to 3 hours tops)… We even had a hotel room that our team got through the Ragnar employees group. Shower, beds and breakfast was great! We went to bed around 12:45 a.m. (After showers) and slept until 5:30ish. We had breakfast and then took off to our exchange…

We ran into our brother-in-law, Justin… He was happy to see us until Corom got a little more personable. 🙂

Corom finished off his last (3rd) run with a 2.4 miler… He was pretty happy with that! He found some clothes on the way, kept a pair of swimming shorts that he actually wore throughout the rest of Ragnar whenever we jumped into the water (the red pair). We were all a little disturbed but that is Corom for you. 🙂 He handed off to me and I began a 9.5 mile run across the bridge. The view was pretty amazing but the run won me over. (This is my view for 7 miles running across the bridge.)

I knew way before hand that I should probably start drinking and hydrating myself but I was afraid that if I did drink too much I would be in trouble on my run… Well I paid for it!
I carried a bottle of water with me and I was still over heated and dehydrated. I was struggling but I felt like I had to keep my pace just so I could finish the run. I ran 9.5 in 1:04.04. I did catch up to a guy with about 2 miles left to go and he picked up his stride to run along side with me… It made such a big difference to have someone there to push me along and to motivate me to finish strong. I was so grateful to be done! As soon as I was done, I went straight to the beach (the dock area) and I got into the water. It felt so great on the legs.

After my last leg, we went right back to goofing off and messing around… It was a blast! The 5 of us (Kristen, Tanner, Elise, Corom and I) went out to lunch while van “2” was on their last legs. I had great fish tacos…

There was a team out here that we saw finish that had everyone applauding them in! It was so impressive and we were all so proud of this team. Very emotional…

Our team finished and we all just had a blast hanging out at the beach, dinner, after party stuff, etc. Everyone ran so good! I wish I had more time to write about everyone, but they really did well! It was fun to watch!



We really had a great team!!! With the way we ran this Ragnar with the rolling van idea… We got to know everyone so well!

Fun times walking around… I met a couple of hot ladies… Couldn’t pass up the group picture. 🙂 it was a blast. Now it is 2 minutes to midnight and we are all up talking… I have to go engage in this conversation…

The girls and G-goat (grandma) are still hanging out and from the sounds of it… Having a fun time!


Thanks Corom, Kristen, Tanner, Elise, Darin, Michelle, Chad, Dan, Stephne, Ericka, Corissa and Mike. We had a great time and I recommend everyone to try this Ragnar! If we are able to come back we definitely will!


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  1. This looks like so much fun. Now I want to do one even more!

  2. It really is so much fun!! You have to try it at least once!

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