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1000’s On The Track, Meetings & Fun

February 18, 2014

I met up at the BYU indoor track at 5:40 a.m. We ran a 14 minute warmup (about 1 1/2 miles+) and ended up on Provo High’s out door track. We began 6 x 1000’s… I was not feeling it at all!!! I knew I was in trouble the very 1st one. I ran a 2:59 800 and finished at a 3:43 for the 1000. 2nd one: 2:53 800, 3:37 1000. 3rd one: 2:57 800, 3:40 1000. 4th one: 2:59 800, 3:44 1000. 5th one: 3:00 800, 3:45 1000. The 6th one I went hard for a 400 (1:24), jogged a 100 meter recover and then went hard for a 600 to finish off the set. My calves were so tight, my legs felt like led and I was not able to go any faster even if I wanted to. We ran a cool down of 24:13.49 (about 3 miles +). I ran a total of 10 1/2 miles. Oh… I was glad when I finished today’s run. I did 2 x 50 leg hops.

My girls had a little friend over today and I took them to the kindergarten playground for awhile. They played while we waited for my kindergartener to get out of school. This afternoon I went to a coaches meeting for track…

After dinner, my oldest began working on a school art project.

She is making something out of clay… And she has to do it on her own… She is excited!


She is working on making a peacock. 🙂 Corom went to a basketball game for the city league that he coaches and I then went to my friend, Nancy’s, house to watch… Wait for it… Austenland. A few other friends came, too.

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