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A Nice Bike Workout & The Day’s Events

February 21, 2014

This morning I had my bike set up on the trainer in my living room. I rode for 1:01.56.

It wasn’t the same as running but it was a good work out, none-the-less. I did my sit-ups right after. Well, hopefully I will be able to be out and running soon!
It was a nice day out, so I let the girls play out on the kindergarten playground for a while… I talked my friend Camille to hang out with me (with her kids). There were a lot of kids that came over today…


I met up with a few track kids at South Valley Gym today to give them an after workout, tread workout. (This week we have off from track… Outdoor track starts Monday.) The kids that I met up with still wanted to meet up to get their work outs in. I told them to go on a 45 minute run and to meet me at the gym. When they finished up their run, I put them on the treadmill. They turned it up as high as it could go (or as high as their level of ability) and ran hard and fast for 5 minutes.

Then they had a 1 minute break and ran at a 5 percent incline with it a notch slower (not much slower… 1 kid went from 12 to 11.5) for 2 min. 1 minute break then put the incline up to 10. They weren’t able to run as fast (the one kid brought it to 10.5) and ran for 1 min. It is tough!!! They had a 1 minute break. Then they brought the speed back up to 12 and the incline back to 0 and ran hard for 1 minute. It was tough for me to watch, I can only imagine how tough it was for them. 🙂

I came home, Corom had to leave on a scout camp out. I had the E. Stokes’ and kids, S. Carlisle and kids, and the Prettyman’s (her husband was able to come because he got home early from work) over for dinner (Navaho tacos)… The husbands had to work or were on the scout camp out… Lucky us! 😉
The girls and I sat down and did movie night. Fun times…


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  1. Looks like fun. I bet the girls were trilled to lay on the couch/floor and watch a movie with you!

    • My husband has to go on a campout once a month for the scouts and that is the girls and I special movie night. It is a lot of fun and I figure I better take advantage of it while they are young enough and still want to hang out with me. 🙂

  2. Love this. Movie night looks like a fun and special time together!

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