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February 27, 2014

Corom had the day off today. It was nice and we were able to hang out pretty much all day. (I did stop off at a friend’s house- Denise P.- with my youngest for a little while).

Corom and I did get into a little argument this morning but what I love about Corom is we are able to talk things through and figure out our disagreements. (I obviously haven’t listed all the arguments we have had but today was one of those that could have turned out bad if we were both being stubborn.) After the initial hype of the argument (10 min), we were able to identify the root of the issue. And individually we were able to figure out how we were the problem. This allowed us to see it from the other’s perspective!

Anyway… We went and visited Corom’s mom (G-Goat- grandma). The girls love going to her house… My 2nd did take a little spill…

I, then, went to track practice. I sent the distance kids on a 4 to 7 mile route (some of the kids are just starting off and some are in good shape). It was a recovery run from their workout yesterday.

I had to work for the Clarion Gardens. They were catering an event for the hospital. It was great food!!! That is the main reason I work for them! 🙂 Corom and the girls and Z (our Foriegn exchange student) went to a friend’s house for dinner (the Chase’s). They had a great time and I am bummed I missed out on that.
I came home and rode the good old bike for 61 minutes.

I was tired but I know that I have an addiction to exercise! 😉

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