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My Day In A Nutshell

March 1, 2014

We (Corom, the girls & I) went to a baptism for 3 of the kids in our ward (church). At the age of 8, the children are able to be baptized to become a member of the LDS (Mormon) church. It was a neat and spiritual experience. We had to be at the church by 8 a.m.

After we came home, I slipped into my workout clothes and rode the bike for 1:01.52. The heater vent was pointed right on me. I have never sweat so much before in my life as I did today. You would have thought I walked out of a sauna after that ride!

We then went to a lunch in at our neighbors (their daughter was one of the kids that were baptized). We had a good time visiting (and eating of course).

We, then took the girls to a BYU women’s basketball game. One of our neighbors play for the team and this was her last game playing for college. She did well and our girls had a blast. There were many other neighbors (friends) that we met up with there.

They had a little dance down on the floor during half time for all the kids… I of course had to go down with them to “help” them out. 🙂

We went out for ice cream after…

Then we went to the Fullmer’s for dinner (Corom helped mike move furniture), came home, put the girls to bed and then Corom and I, the Fullmer’s and our friends the Burk’s went to a movie (Gravity). I liked it… I have heard good and bad reviews about it prior to watching it… Z our Foriegn exchange student and a few of her friends were at the house watching their own movie and watching the girls (they slept through it all)…

It is now 3 minutes to midnight and I’m going to bed… 🙂

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