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Biking, Track, Friends & Swimming…

March 3, 2014

Oh… It has been almost 2 weeks with not being able to run. I try not to get on Facebook or other sites where I see what people are running and workouts, etc. Right now I am sitting outside the house that I go to for swimming (I’m a little early) and I don’t know why but I am feeling a little down. It has been a good day (a busy day… Just what I like) but it is hard when I think about not being able to run. I know this probably sounds really weird to most of you but there are a few races that I have in the future that I want to race well in. At times I know things will be okay but at other times I get a little panicky and feel like I am falling far behind! I guess I keep plugging along and continue with the cross training!!!

I did start off my day with 30 minutes on the bike this morning. Then it was the normal routine of getting the girls ready and off to school. And of course while Corom and I were getting ready for the day, the girls got into the markers. My 2 older girls wanted to put “make-up” on the 2 younger ones (with markers).

They looked a little scary!

I did help in my kindergartener’s class room today… I did the testing. I love going in my kids classrooms and being involved. I get to know the teachers and the kids. They are a lot of fun to work with.


The girls and I hung out at a neighbor’s house for about an hour (Stephanie’s) and then headed to track practice.

I had the kids run a 7 1/2 mile route. The 1st half is a pretty good climb and the 2nd half I had them pick up their pace (a quicker leg turnover) because it was all down hill.
I received a text at 4:30ish asking if I could feed dinner to a couple of young men (Mormon missionaries that are serving in our boundaries) at 5. I said sure send them on over (we were actually having a few people over anyways but not until a little bit later). I left practice at a quarter to 5 and began the process of getting dinner going, quickly. I did warn my neighbors (the Dych’s family) that I had missionaries coming over because they are not the same faith. They didn’t mind and understood the situation (just as long as they were not going home with a Book Of Mormon ;)). 2 other ladies came over (Mary and Siri) for dinner and Family Night. Siri did a little activity with all the kids. It was cute.

All the kids played and had fun!

Now you can see how noisy and how much chaos is at our house… Love it!

You can also see how much fun they can have and then how mean they can be but go right back to having fun… (One of my girls kicks the other…)

After the kids went to bed I headed up to the pool aerobics class. I did a lot of swimming, treading water, water aerobics and exercises, pool running, talking and laughing. I love the ladies I meet up with. Good, good people… Very positive and they love life! I swam for 1:00.20.

I’m home now and I am tired.

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