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March 4, 2014

I took the girls to the school’s breakfast this morning (after their breakfast at the house :/). They enjoyed it… Me not so much, after a few cleanups. 🙂 No, it wasn’t bad… We do it for the kids, right?

I rode the bike for 56:02 today. Nothing to exciting… I put a show on and when it was over, I was done. (The girls were all in school and I had an 1:15 minutes to myself…so I rode the bike.)
A few neighbor kids came over (when the girls came home) and a friend of mine came and hung out (hi Camille ;)).
I went to track practice and brought just my oldest with me (for a little while). She actually ran almost a mile with them but at the very end got distracted with the earth worms…

She did save the worms from being stepped on…
The high school kids went for a mile warmup and then ran 4 to 6 times around a 1200 meter loop (3/4 of a mile). The first half was at a cruise interval speed, then the next quarter was a little faster, and the last quarter of the 1200 was a recovery jog… They ran a 2 1/2 mile cool down.

During the cool down I took my 2 older girls to piano and the 2 younger girls went back to track with me.
The track team went to Runner’s Corner this evening for “Spike” night. The shoes are all discounted and they offered a huge selection to the kids. We had about 70-75 kids show! (The store had pizza there for everyone. :))

A few ladies and I watched the bachelor and I ate a lot of junk food! :/ It was good while it lasted… 🙂

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