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There Was A Lot To Do Today! :)

March 5, 2014

I took my 3rd child to speech therapy this morning (after we got the other 2 off to school)…

She is improving… Some days are better than others with her speech! Right before we left, my 4th child (once again) got into the markers…

She said she had to put on her makeup for the day. I don’t know where she gets it from because I don’t own any makeup (except for mascara that I put on probably about twice a week) and I don’t even know how to put it on! Well… We had a lot of comments all day.
I rode the bike for 30 minutes today. Nothing big. I had to hurry and get some type of workout in and get ready before my kindergartener got out of school. A few other moms and their kids and me and my kids stayed at the school’s playground for awhile to let the kids play… It was a nice day…
I helped my kindergartener with her kindy 500 car…

The girls and I went to track practice. I sent the high school kids on a 5 to 6 mile recovery run and my girls played in the long jump pit. 🙂

I had scouts today so I combined them with track. 🙂 We worked on geologist and showmanship. The scout boys walked around the track area looking for different rocks and identifying different minerals. It was a little busy but it worked just fine.
I fed the girls (and Z- our Foriegn exchange student) and then had to run up to my sister-in-laws (Kymbra) baby shower. It was fun… I was able to visit with people I have not seen for a while.

Z stayed home with the girls tonight (she wanted to get things done here so I left the girls with her).
After putting the girls to bed I went and did a 36 minute swim workout. I didn’t have to much time tonight to swim. (Corom had to work late tonight and I had to get Z a couple of things). By the time I was done helping her out, it was 9:20. It was a good pool run swim… I am glad I was able to get something in.


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  1. Hey ya Jen. So looks like your foot is giving you a little trouble too? My PF in my left heel gets better as I stop running. I throw a run in a couple times a week now. But afterwards it kind of hurts for half the day. So I roll it on the tennis ball. Anyway, reading over your blog burst me into tears. I really miss running. So bad. I miss all my running friends and meeting up in the mornings. I feel so lost. I bet you can relate. 😦 My heart feels like it’s going to burst.

    • Lily… I know how you feel! It is so hard!!! It is crazy how much running does for you. Come over any time and we can have a pity party!!! I don’t know how long I will be out but I am so frustrated. But, what do you do? Thanks Lily!

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