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It’s Been A Good Day!

March 10, 2014

Oh the joy I felt this morning! I woke up at 5 to 6, put my winter running clothes on, stepped out the door and met up with my friend Amber. I heard Angels singing as I was about to start my 1st run in almost 3 weeks. I probably said at least 30 prayers that my foot would feel okay. My foot did but oh my legs were tired. 🙂 Even with biking and swimming, I still struggled a little bit. But I was totally okay with that!!! It felt good to be out and running. We ran 5 miles in 40:40 (averaged about a 8:05 pace). When I came home and took my beloved running shoes off, the ball of my foot did hurt a little bit. I did ice (like I do almost every day) and that helped… I am going to run again tomorrow. So we shall see… I have a race this Saturday but I will run it and not race. It was good to go out… It helped me mentally-big time!

Running set my day just right… I helped in my kindergartener’s class today. I set the 2 younger ones up nicely in the hallway (next to where I do the testing)…

Garfield did wonders! 😉 I saw my oldest walking with her class to lunch and I just had to take a picture. Then I had to take a couple more. Gosh… I love my girls! So cute!

I cleaned house all day (I was in one of those moods) before the girls and I left for track practice. At track I was able to catch my youngest doing Burpees with the team…

I tried to catch the others on video but I was too late. It was funny to watch them. I remember the 1st little while, my girls were so shy to be around the track kids but now they think they are one of them. The distance kids went on a 45 min easy to moderate run. I took a picture of the sprinters because I was too lazy to go out and take a picture of our distance kids on a run.

We had a couple of families over for dinner/family night. The Guenter’s and the Peery’s. Both are really cool, fun families. We had a great time (well I did… I guess I can’t speak for the others).

This was not the best picture but by the time I remembered to take a picture, everyone was walking out the door and the other 2 ladies and I were cleaning up… Well they were cleaning and I was taking their picture. 🙂
We put the kids to bed and I ran to the church to help set up for a dinner they are having tomorrow night for all the ladies in our ward boundaries.

Then I went straight to my friend’s pool. I was late showing up and they were in the middle of their stomach workout. (I’m glad I showed up late.)

It looks like their in a birthing class or something. I only swam/tread water/jogged for 23:32. Not long but I got something in. I came home to a clean kitchen! Corom is so great!!! It’s late and I have to get to bed.

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  1. Ok there is way too much to love here. First of hooray for running again. I know that feeling and it is the best! Second I just love your oldest daughter’s hair. I am in humid FL right now and have recently cut short hair. Mine is super curly but not that awesome! Finally, love the video!

    • Thanks Sarah for all the Loves! I am glad to have been able to start again. It will be a slow process back but that is okay.

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